Industrial Bandsaw Services is a distributor of Eberle premium metal band saw blades in Toronto and Eastern Canada. The Eberle products are known for their extreme hardness and durability. These metal band saw blades in Canada are particularly well suited to cutting hard-to-cut metals like titanium alloys and Inconel.

We are also a distributor for Simmons metal band saw blades in Toronto. Simmons is a leading supplier of unique blads made from the highest quality metals. With a wide array of sizes and edge types, Simmons provides metal saw blades in Canada to cut just about anything, from meats to fabrics to dense foams and plastics. They also provide custom-fabricated blades for specific purposes.

As a reputable distributor for metal band saw blades in Toronto, IBS seeks to provide our customers with solutions that meet their machining demands to the fullest. It is the quality and custom capabilities that set our selection of band saw blades apart from the rest.

Our facility is located just outside of Toronto with easy access to major highways for reliable, affordable product distribution throughout southern Ontario.

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Nanoflex Black bimetal band saw blades undergo a special edge treatment which, combined with their coating, results in an especially hard, highly-efficient blade. Comparable to uncoated blade life but productivity can be significantly increased as nanoflex® permits a faster feed rate.

CT-flex 4000 carbide-tipped blades with CT4 geometry cut a variety of materials with low machinability including Titanium alloys, Inconel, and nickel-based alloys. Additionally, the range extends to cutting Aluminum and other non-ferrous metal applications where short cycle times are required. The teeth are engineered to divide the cutting area over several cutting teeth, so the blade runs extermely smoothly.

Duoflex M51 is designed for use in heavy duty cutting applications. The cutting performance of the high speed steel teeth is greatly increased through alloying with 10% cobalt and 10% tungsten. These alloying elements substantially increase heat resistance as well as fatigue resistance.

CT-flex 3000 carbide-tipped blades with CT3 geometry are especially suited to sawing hard-to-cut materials such as titanium alloys, Inconel or nickel based alloys. Moreover, in comparison to bimetal, a considerable improvement in performance is evident. Combined with our reliable 4% chromium backing material, this sophisticated blade attains the top-quality standard of the premium line.

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