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Industrial Bandsaw Services, your number one name in metal cutting repair and supply, would like to wish you a great holiday and happy new year!


Next year if you have not already, make sure you consider Industrial Bandsaw Services when choosing a brand to take care of your band saw repair and preventative maintenance in order to keep your metal cutting the most productive it could possibly be. Yearly preventative maintenance not only slashes the costs of an untimely band saw repair, but may avoid it all together. Furthermore, if your company uses us for band saw blades and coolant – your preventative maintenance is probably free next year!


That’s right, Industrial Bandsaw Services will send a technician to any band saw that uses our signature Eberle band saw blade in your facility once a year, absolutely free. We want to be there for the entire life of your machine. From the initial purchase of your new Hyd Mech band saw or used machine, to the supply of band saw blades and coolant, and even possibly moving it within your growing operation – we make it easy to keep us around with the ease of our free preventative maintenance inspections.


So if you have not already, join the countless number of metal cutting facilities that have helped us maintain a platinum dealer designation with Hyd Mech Band Saw for almost a decade now. Choose Industrial Bandsaw Services for band saw repair, band saw blades and overall great service in metal cutting support.

Hyd Mech Band Saw Rated Number One!

Did you know that earlier this year Hyd Mech was voted the number one band saw brand in the sawing category by Metal Center News? That’s right, by buying Hyd Mech from Industrial Bandsaw Services you can be confident that you’re buying the best on the market.


Call us and let our knowledgeable representatives guide you in purchasing the perfect band saw for your specific metal cutting needs when you’re in the market for your next machine. Every facility has a set of different requirements in metal cutting and there is a perfect Hyd Mech band saw for each one. Pair that band saw with the right Eberle band saw blade and the productivity of your cutting will skyrocket.


Industrial Bandsaw Services offers the not only the best band saw machines and consumables, but the best service team for your band saw repair! Our trusted team of millwrights works around the clock to make any repair and keep you running. Our service team has no down time, so your metal cutting will not either. Band saw sales, band saw repair, band saw blades and all other consumables – Industrial Bandsaw is a one stop shop.


Have your done your yearly preventative maintenance yet? Call us and book and inspection to keep you band saw running tip-top. And remember, if you buy your band saw blade from Industrial Bandsaw Services we will do it for free!


Also, do not forget to inquire about our new band saw blade lines offered from Eberle. Some of these include the new premium MX55 and also wood cutting band saw blades. We carry a large variety or tooth pitches and geometry in house to make sure we have the perfect metal cutting blade for your application.


Call us today, we are ready to help you!



Band Saw Blade Support and Repair

One of the many services that sets Industrial Bandsaw Services apart from the rest in the industry regarding our band saw blades is our around-the- clock support that comes with each purchase.


It starts with identifying the right band saw blade for the job. We have representatives spread out all over the province of Ontario and distributors spanning our reach even farther within Canada. This means you can always have someone at your door ready to put the correct Eberle band saw blade in your hands. Choosing the correct band saw blade for each metal cutting job is crucial to keep your organization running efficiently and productively. In turn, this turns profit. Industrial Bandsaw reps with suggest the right bimetal blade, tooth-pitch and settings in order to achieve optimal performance.

Now in a perfect world your band saw blade will continue to perform far better and well passed the timeline you expected, but unfortunately machines wear and this could affect performance and longevity. Preventing this from occurring is a must – and we make that easy. When you purchase our band saw blades you receive one free* preventative maintenance inspection in each calendar year. Band saw repair and service can be expensive. Just like a car, if you push aside your band saw repair for too long it could lead to failure like in other components like a domino effect. Preventative maintenance could avoid these band saw repairs all together, and save you money.

But let’s say you waited too long to replace those blade guides. You put on a few blades and they ultimately snapped. An Industrial Bandsaw technician has made the repair but now you have three band saw blades sitting on your floor – what are your options? Call your representative, in most cases we can repair that band saw blade for you. If you have not ran it for too long and the teeth seem to still be in good shape you can send it back to us and our band saw blade technicians will reweld and resurrect what you thought was gone.

If you’re in this situation give us a call. No matter if you purchased the blade from us or elsewhere, we would be happy to provide this service. And remember, call Industrial Bandsaw for any band saw repair or service!

Choosing the Right Band Saw Blade

One of the most common problems that may be hindering your metal cutting production is not having the proper equipment for the job at hand – more specifically, the right band saw blade for each cutting application.


Now, you can make it easy on yourself: Call one of the experts at Industrial Bandsaw Services. They will be able to tell you exactly which line of band saw blade will work right for you, keeping your cutting efficient, productive and most importantly – cost effective. Here are just a few of the number of Eberle band saw blade lines that we carry to shape your decision:


Eberle duoflex M42 is your general, all purpose band saw blade. It has a wide range of uses and is durable making it a true all-rounder that is suitable for cutting all types of metals. This band saw blade can be used in production, fabrication and machine shops. It features robust abrasion-resistance and has long blade life.


Eberle duoflex PT is a band saw blade that is ideal for tubing, structural materials and bundle cutting. It features low vibration and offers precision cutting ability. It has a noticeable special tooth geometry with its reinforced back-edge and setting, making this band saw blade specially engineered for intermittent cutting applications to reduce pinching, tooth breakages and tooth chipping.


Our new, Eberle duoflex MX55 is the newest form of our already popular M51 which proved to be the best band saw blade for those most demanding cutting jobs. This band saw blade is particularly wear-resistant, even in uninterrupted cuts and extends blade life substantially. These outstanding features of this bimetal saw blade are proven in reducing your production costs.


The new, Eberle duolflex VTX band saw blade is engineered particularly for cutting large applications. It is a bimetal with variable, strongly positive tooth geometry. Significant benefits are reducing cutting forces credited to a smart chip distribution by a multi-level tooth set.


In addition to those listed, Industrial Bandsaw Services offers many more band saw blades specific to any application you can throw at us. Options that even include carbide tipped pro! The outstanding quality of our band saw blades are a direct result of our experience team behind them. It is time you experienced the difference, call us!

Industrial Bandsaw Services

Band saw blades and band saw repair. This is what keeps your organization productive and it is exactly what Industrial Bandsaw Services is best at.

It is becoming more and more well know that our band saw blades are superior to the competitors. We only use the best Eberle bimetal material to manufacture the absolute best band saw blades possible. We offer a large selection of sizes, tooth-pitches and thicknesses to create a band saw blade specific to your project. The Eberle product is manufactured in Germany, and we bring in their superior materials to our weld center to custom cut to the length you desire. In turn, this means our band saw blades can be use on any machine including but not limited to: Hyd Mech (Hydmech), Kasto, Cosen and many more!

In turn, our band saw blades perform their best on a band saw that is running at it’s best. This means you may want to call us to schedule yearly preventative band saw service, or for your next band saw repair. Our team of specialists take the time to make sure you next band saw repair will be the last for a good duration of time. We also make sure that your band saw repair is done with the best band saw parts. Our team has been platinum status with Hyd Mech (Hydmech) for 5 years straight now. This means we only use the best quality genuine Hyd Mech (Hydmech) parts when we service that brand. The same could be said for Kasto and other name brands – we always strive to use genuine band saw parts and not undercut a job.

So you’re looking for a name that you can really trust with your next band saw blade purchase or band saw repair, do not hesitate to call us at Industrial Bandsaw Services!

Why do a 20 point service by Industrial Bandsaw Services?

Put simply, preventative band saw maintenance leads to much lower repair costs to your band saw in the future. Our 20 point service is thorough and effective, keeping your business’ productivity optimal when it comes to all your cutting projects.

Our 20 point service starts at the band saw wheels. We look to see if your wheels still maintain their coolant grooves, have good bearings and are properly tracked. If your coolant groves are worn, we can have the wheels repaired or replaced to prevent any tracking issues that could arise from the wear. Repairing the grooves is necessary in the sense that it gives the excess coolant clinging to the blade somewhere to settle when in travelling through it’s rotation. If it does not have the grooves, it can cause the blade to slip and come out of tracking or even fall off the wheel completely – it works the same as a car hydroplaning on wet pavement if the tire does not whisk the moister correctly.

The bearings also must be good on the gearbox output shaft as well as the idler wheel. Either being worn will cause the wheel to wiggle while it rotates, which would be a cause for immediately repair. Without repair two things will happen: the coolant grooves will wear even faster due the shifting of the blade on the wheel’s surface, and the blade with be out of tracking. Tracking is important and compulsory because this leads to a straight and square cut. Accuracy keeps your business’ productivity and standards high – which keeps your customer’s coming back.

Imagine, this all is just one component of what we check when we do preventative maintenance or repair your machines! Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and make sure you constantly visit for more news and tips on band saw repair, band saw parts, or band saw blades.


If you haven’t heard already, we are very proud to announce that Industrial Bandsaw Services was Canada’s exclusive Hyd Mech Platinum dealer! We are very proud of this distinction given to us from the manufacturer which references our excellence in the sales and service of the band saws, and we welcome you to see the difference.


From your initial contact with us, you will be put at ease knowing that you’re in the best of hands when it comes to your band saw needs. Our dignified sales representatives will come to your facility and access with you exactly what your requirements are when looking into a new or used Hyd Mech machine. They will not only look at where you’re at, but also where you’re going.


Now, once you have confidently decided to purchased your band saw from Industrial Bandsaw Services, we will be there every step of the way from set-up, training, annual maintenance to any long time service issues you may encounter. We only service the machine with genuine Hyd Mech parts and give you the same support will every call no matter how big or small the issue may be that you find yourself in.


Our team of highly trained service technicians know industrial machinery and your Hyd Mech like the back of their hand. Is your Hyd Mech not running like it was day one? We are just one call away and happy to help you like we have so many others. We are so confident in our ability to resurrect Hyd Mech that we also give warranties on all the used Hyd Mech machines bandsaws that we sell as well!


The platinum dealer distinction is not given away lightly, hence why Industrial Bandsaw Services has the only platinum dealer distinction of 2016, and every year since 2013.  So are you in the market for a new or used Hyd Mech band saw or cold saw? Call us. We cannot wait to meet your team.

Customer Support for your Industrial Band Saw

Industrial Bandsaw Services is a company that cares about its customers. We prove that by not only providing our customers reliable and superior quality industrial band saw blades, but the best in a customer services when it comes either you needing help on a new order of tools or any questions you may have about what we have in stock.

Anyone can sell you a tool, but for Industrial Bandsaw Services we pride ourselves offering helpful staff who have superb knowledge of all our products. Our staff is trained and very familiar with many different quality brands, brands such as; Hydmech, Kasto, Bomar, Do All and more. All of which are available for purchase at Industrial Bandsaw Services.

With 30 years’ experience, our technicians can help you find not only what tools you are looking for but any questions you may have regarding all aspects of operating an industrial band saw. Questions about maintenance an industrial band saw and troubleshooting.

If your industrial band saw needs maintenance, our technicians perform a 20-point inspections that will guarantee you that your industrial band saw is back in excellent condition, ready and reliable for your next job. Having outstanding customer service is something that all customers deserve, the quality assistance that will answer questions and solve your most difficult problems.

We also offer 24 hour emergency support. And for you, deadlines don’t budge for no one. It’s late and you have a project that has to be completed. Your reputation is on the line and when things go wrong, you can rest assured that our staff will be ready to help find a solution for your band saw and get the job done.

Customers service is important as you’ll have questions about several different aspects of band saws. Our techniques can help you with that and ensure that you’re getting the most out of your tools. But as for any questions you may have about your next purchase from us. Our customer service staff we’re eager to help you find the right tool for the right job.

Our staff is here for you, with our excellent service and our experience we can offer our customers the reassurance and confidence when purchasing their next band saw. Also with our responsive assessments and innovative troubleshooting, you can know that a tool bought from us comes with assistance when facing tough questions.

Customers shouldn’t be abandoned when they purchase a new or used tools. And that’s why we offer such amazing customer service, we want the customer to know that we are here to help.

For whatever difficult task you are facing; for any questions you may have about your next purchase, or any assistance you seek with trouble shooting. Our customer service will be there for you, looking forward to helping you find the right tool for the right job.

So give us a call, we’re here to answer your questions at Industrial Bandsaw Services!

Used Band Saws

High prices can stop anyone in their tracks, however offering used band saws. Any customer can return to their task knowing that they can still obtain great results from their used band saws.

Yet salvation can be found in the option of offering our customers used band saws, tools that are just as reliable and durable as any new band saws. So, for any task master looking to bolster their arsenal of tools, can find inexpensive options through using used band saws.

Used band saws are a great financial option, and when it comes to choosing the correct tool for any job it should be fiscally simple. Any used band saws can still obtain high quality standards that you seek in any task you desire.

However, for those who are on tight budget will often feel the pinch of buying any new tools for their workshop. This is a very common problem and many people are completing jobs with inferior tools, all because of they haven’t considered the option of used band saws.

Used band saws can be an excellent option for anyone looking to ease any financial stress on their wallet.

When needing a used band saws, a good metal cutting saw should be capable of fast cut rates and tight cut tolerances, to ensure precision and efficiency of the operation. Such requirements ensure that any job you complete can be done with a superb result and efficiency. So, when our customers are seeking an easier financial option through any used band saws. Can know that any Hyd Mech metal cutting used band saws will meet those requirements and offer its customers the best results, which is can be used for a variety of jobs.

We pride ourselves on not only our used band saws, but also our customer service. Which is when it comes to choosing a metal cutting used band saws, our technicians and customer service reps will strongly recommend the Hyd Mech series of used band saws. Any task you encounter will be easily completed with the proper used band saws.

If you’re looking for any used band saws, please check out our list of available products. This list contains both new and used band saws which is updated regularly, so please make sure to check back for latest availabilities at your convenience.

Any of our representatives will be eager to assist you as the options of band saws can be daunting one. But be rest ensured, that our customer service reps can get you any information regarding any of our metal cutting band saws. Every job requires the right type of used band saws, and our reps will help you find that. This way, you’ll get the right tool for the job and get a price that won’t leave your pockets empty. Choosing the right used band saws is important and getting excellent customer service will help you to make the right decision for your project.

If you are in the market of purchasing any of our used band saws, Industrial Bandsaw Services can help.

Whether it be a brand new machine, any used band saws to meet your budget, maintenance, repairs, cutting fluids, or even 24/7 emergency service – our staff and technicians are ready to help you in all of your needs.

Hyd Mech Band Saw: The Right Choice

Choosing a Hyd Mech band saw can solve many of your cutting needs and challenges, this high quality blades provide excellence and precision with its semi-automatic style band saw that will help you achieve that superb marksmanship on any cutting project you have in mind.

It’s important that every builder have such options that’ll ensure a perfect cut, a professional finish and a reliable tool. And such reliability and performance can be found in a Hyd Mech band saw.

Every Hyd Mech band saw offers it users helpful and handy features that not ensure a quality cut but make your project more efficient. Our Hyd Mech band saw features a swing head design and miter cutting capability. This allows users full range of motion and the cutting power and strength that will provide you with nothing but excellent results in any project you have in store.

With its swing head design, a Hyd Mech band saw allows you an unobstructed range, free to let you room and be able to cut each project without possibly damaging your blade and making poor cuts. Other features that the Hyd Mech band saw has are the high performance and precision miter cutting capabilities. Any job you encounter can be quickly achieved when using a Hyd Mech band saw.

The Hyd Mech band saw also gives its users more options and features when securing a precision cuts allowing you to obtain an efficient workplace.

And for any job, a Hyd Mech band saw is a workplace’s ideal tool. A Hyd Mech band saw keeps you and your workplace organized with its brilliant digital LCD display that logs your progress as you cut large amounts of material at a time. This same LCD display also displays important information such as the speed and tension of your high quality Hyd Mech band saw.

A Hyd Mech band saw LCD display also keeps you aware of the Hyd Mech band saw overall run time, its use of amperage and most importantly, the Hyd Mech band saw head position. Offering such items not only ensures that you any project you approach will end in achieving a master class of quality and reliability, and such standards are only available when you purchase a Hyd Mech band saw.

When you use a Hyd Mech band saw, you can ensure that you’ll be using a tool with reliable accuracy and performance that’ll give you the confidence to secure positive results from your handy work. With several options to customize your job and the performance to achieve perfection, the Hyd Mech band saw is a much needed tool for any builder’s arsenal.

At Industrial Band Saw Services, we know our customer expect and deserve the best. And when our customers purchase a Hyd Mech band saw, they’re purchasing a reliable tool that offers a high level of accuracy and performance that is to be expectations when using a Hyd Mech band saw.

You expect precision, performance, and reliability. All things that you expect from a good job well done, and when it comes to selecting a tool for your next project, choose a Hyd Mech band saw.

Choosing a Metal Band Saw Blades

For Industrial Band Saw Services, every job requires the right kind of tool. And this case it’s metal band saw blades, the type that will cut through anything you put in front of it. And when you reach for that right tool, you should have confidence knowing that these reliable and effective metal band saw blades came from our distribution center and will continue to be part of everyone who wishes to build a library of high-quality metal band saw blades.

Choosing metal band saw blades is the opportunity to select a tool that should be able do to achieve and contain at least three things; quality, reliability and affordability.

Industrial Bandsaw Services, located in Toronto and Eastern Canada, offers its customers affordable quality metal band saw blades courtesy of Eberle. Eberle products are nothing short of premium band saw blades, and with those standards these metal band saw blades are also known for their durability, endurance and strength to hold up to the toughest materials. Challenging metals such as titanium alloys and Inconel, are no match for Industrial Band Saw Services high-quality metal band saw blades.

Next, we offer our customers the outstanding series of Simmons metal band saw blades. Simmons is well known for being one of the leading supplier of metal band saw blades. Simmons prides itself on it wide array of metal band saw blades being made from the highest quality metal band saw blades metals.

Simmons has a large selection that showcases a wide display of different metal band saw blades to fit any challenging or daily job. Simmons provides metal saw band blades to customers who use their high-quality metal band saw blades for cutting meats, fabrics, dense foams and plastics. When it comes to choosing the best in metal band saw blades, Simmons has ensured itself as a leader because of its attention to every cutting job possible and even providing custom-fabricated band saw blades for specific tasks and jobs.

With those standards to inspire to, Industrial Band Saw Services seeks to provide our customers with excellent solutions to difficult problems. A metal band saw blades shouldn’t be a hassle and with Industrial Band Saw Services we can offer our customers the quality and custom products that sets our selection of metal band saw blades apart from the rest.

Metal band saw blades are important additions from any inspiring crafter to a trained and talented professional. Choosing the right kind of band saw blades should come easy and all of that is possible thanks to our helpful staff at Industrial Band Saw Services, located in Toronto, Canada, who are looking forward to helping you find your desired metal band saw blades and achieve the professional and quality results you seek in any project.

Our facility is located just outside of Toronto with easy access to major highways for reliable, affordable metal band saw blades distribution throughout southern Ontario.

Call us for more information or to place your order.

Choosing Eberle Band Saw Blades

When it comes to choosing the best band saw blades for your application, Industrial Bandsaw Services located in Toronto, Canada offers quality products that rival and surpass other band saw blades in the market. It’s time you had some tools that’ll deliver serious cutting strength and reliability.

So what makes our band saw blades so much better?

Eberle band saw blades coils are made with quality metals such as Carbide and Bimetal microstructures, the same kind of materials that will ensure excellent performance and reliability. These band saw blades are known to use this material because its resistance to extreme shock, wear and tear.

As for the Bimetal microstructures, Sub-micro grain types with a homogeneous microstructures are used for their strength, durability and shock resistance of the band saw blades. Eberle band saw blades are truly deep down built for superior performance and long use after use, the kind of reliance you expect from Industrial Band Services.

And for custom jobs, Industrial Bandsaw Services will also custom cut band saw blades to our customer’s specific needs. Such attention as proper matching of the valley size and directionality of the teeth at our weld. This way you get exactly what kind of band saw blades you want and guarantee that it will give an efficient performance every time. This type of attention ensures straight and fluid cuts, and reduces wear and tear on the band saw blades, which in the long run saves you money.

As for what band saw blades we offer at Industrial bandsaw Services, we are proud to offer a great selection of blades in our CT-Flex series.

For hard-to-cut material, The CT-Flex Nano is one of the best band saw blades you can really rely on. Its special coating provides added heat resistance to the cutting edges that enhances performance and extends your band saw blades life.

The next band saw blades in the CT-Flex series is the CT-Flex Pro. Designed with carbide tooth geometry, this band saw blades is engineered for cutting difficult and abrasive materials. The carbide-tipped teeth of these band saw blades ensures accuracy and performance by reducing offering our customers a quality product made with strong materials that won’t faultier or fail.

For larger jobs, look no further than the CT-Flex ALU XL, these band saw blades are designed with carbide tipped band saw blades, which are ideal for large sheets and plates of whatever material you need to cut.

And if you’re facing coated and hardened materials, we suggest the CT-Flex CHM, these band saw blades are a great tool to help you tame any chrome plated and hardened applications you come across. These band saw blades are made with same attention to detail that provides you with an excellent cutting tool that is made to last and will ensure your job will get down right.

Don’t let any type of project put you down, excellent workmanship is what you strive for and with Industrial Bandsaw Services find you’ll the band saw blades you deserve.

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