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3 Desirable Features of Kasco Wood Bandsaw Blades




Sawmills make the most use of industrial bandsaws among many other businesses and industries. This is because cutting logs into timber on a daily basis can be done only with the help of bandsaw machines. 

Modern bandsaw machines need industrial-grade blades to offer the best results. Bandsaw blade manufacturers design different blades that are suitable for cutting diverse materials.

Kasco is a leading brand that manufactures blades suitable for applications in a sawmill. Industrial Bandsaw Services is an official supplier of Kasco blades. We offer a wide range of wood bandsaw blades from Kasco at the best rates. 

Qualities of Kasco wood bandsaw blades we supply


All the blades manufactured by Kasco and supplied by us are thin-kerf. Such blades are preferred by sawmill owners because they ensure minimum wastage. The thin-kerf blades, as the name suggests, are extremely thin and cut through logs without wasting too much wood. This makes Kasco wood blades cost-effective.

Strength is a crucial factor to consider while deciding which blade to procure for the bandsaw machine at your sawmill. If the blade is not manufactured using quality material, it can easily break, bringing to a halt the entire operation. Kasco blades are manufactured in a dedicated facility equipped with modern machinery and equipment. The blades are manufactured using the highest quality, fatigue-resistant, correctly dimensioned strip material from the world's best steel producers.

An entire range dedicated to wood bandsaw blades
Kasco's Woodmaxx Premium Bandsaw Blades, as the name suggests, is an entire range of blades dedicated to sawmills. Blades of varying measurements, suitable for woods of varying thicknesses, are part of this range of wood blades from Kasco. 

You can ask for help from our experienced staff if you have trouble finding a blade suitable for your sawmill. We will be more than happy to guide you and help you procure the best blades. We also supply bandsaw parts and used bandsaws of the highest quality. Call us today to learn about everything we can do for you.


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