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3 Essential Band Saw Parts to Carefully Maintain

May 04, 2021

When thinking of band saw maintenance and replacements, one usually thinks first of the blades. Indeed, blades are a vital component of band saw parts and are usually the most frequently replaced due to all the cutting functions they have to perform that wear down their strength over time.  With that said, band saws are intricate machines made up of a combination of key components that have to be well-maintained. 


Original and high-quality band saw parts must be used in order to ensure high-quality cuts and the longevity of your machine.


Band saws are reliant on a number of aspects, not just on the sharpness and efficiency of the blade. Blade control, size of the machine, and the intricacy of the cut are all considerations that are dependent on components other than the blade. Here are the key components of a band saw that have to be kept an eye on:


Motors: Motors can experience breakdown over time due to a number of reasons, chief of them including poor maintenance, old age, and exposure to harmful elements or practices. A poorly functioning motor can cause excessive vibrations throughout the band saw, causing inaccuracy and potentially damaging other band saw parts through misalignment.


Wheels: Blades are held between two or three sets of wheels. These wheels are responsible for guiding the movement of the blade, and as such damage to the wheels means losing the ability to control movement. The most common type of damage to wheels is worn out wheels. This is not worth repairing, and you will need to get in touch with a reliable supplier to get your wheels replaced.


Carbide Guides – Carbide guide assemblies are an integral part of ensuring your band saw is precise. Being able to pull off more precise cuts will help you ensure the longevity of your blades as well, as rough cuts tend to wear out blades much quicker. Make sure to inspect your carbide guides every now and then for abnormalities. Typically, a visual inspection will suffice.


As you can see, it is vital to maintain these band saw parts carefully. For more information on bandsaws and what you can do to optimize them, talk to the experts at Industrial Bandsaw Services today.