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3 Essential Bandsaw Supplies For Various Industries




Modern bandsaws are paramount to the numerous sawmills, machine shops, and food processing industries worldwide. Today, top brands like Hydmech significantly invest resources towards the research and development of industrial bandsaws. Thanks to state-of-the-art bandsaws, what used to be a long and tiring process of cutting wood, metal, and many other materials is now swift and effective.

If you own a sawmill or a machine shop, you would know the importance of stocking essential bandsaw supplies. Especially if your business sees a high processing rate every day, it is normal for bandsaw parts to get damaged and need replacement. 

Industrial Bandsaw Services has a reputation for offering high-quality supplies essential for bandsaws in sawmills, machine shops, and other businesses like meat and food processing units.

Here are 3 vital bandsaw supplies for different businesses.


Wood blades
As the name suggests, wood blades are essential for the functioning of every sawmill. Wood blades can be attached to the bandsaw easily. They cut through logs with ease and help sawmills convert them into planks. Thin-kerf wood blades from Kasco can be sourced at the best rate from Industrial Bandsaw Services. 

Bi-metal blades
If you own a machine shop, you cannot ignore the importance of top-notch bi-metal blades. These blades are perfect to cut through strong metals and alloys like tool steel, stainless steel, and high-speed steel at a faster rate. It is vital to keep backup bi-metal blades in case your primary blade gets damaged and needs replacement. 

If you are in the food or meat processing industry, it is essential to stock knife bands to avoid downtime. The use of these bands is not however limited to the food and meat processing industry. Knife bands do a great job slicing boneless meat, bread, vegetables, cardboard tubes, paperboard, medium-heavy foam, and memory foam. 

Apart from all the bandsaw supplies mentioned above, you can also source a wide range of coolants and lubricants from Industrial Bandsaw Services. Get in touch with us today to learn about the bandsaw blades and other supplies we offer at the best rates. 


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