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3 Factors That Make Kasco Wood Blades Ideal For Sawmills

June 09, 2022

Sawmills are dependent on bandsaw blades to execute precision cutting. The importance of choosing the right bandsaw blade is paramount. If a sawmill uses the wrong bandsaw blade, many problems can arise. Some of these include causing damage to the wood, causing damage to the bandsaw, lack of precision in cutting, and a longer turnover time.

Therefore, it is essential to procure wood blades from only trustworthy brands. Kasco is a dependable brand that specializes in precision cutting products. Kasco wood blades are effective and efficient. Their dedicated range of wood bandsaw blades offers a perfect solution for sawmills dealing with a heavy load of wood cutting every day. 


Here are few factors that make Kasco wood blades effective.



A dedicated range of wood blades
The lack of a wide selection of wood cutting blades is one of the major problems sawmill owners face. Sometimes, business owners buy the wrong blade that isn't suitable for wood cutting. Kasco's Woodmaxx is a dedicated range of wood-cutting blades tailor-made for sawmills. Woodmaxx bandsaw blades have precision ground teeth that enable straighter and more accurate cuts. 

Thin-kerf blades
All the Woodmaxx Premium Band Saw Blades are thin kerf. This means that you can achieve minimum wastage of wood when you use Kasco blades for cutting logs into timber or planks. Generation of sawdust is also maintained at a minimal level when you use Woodmaxx Premium Band Saw Blades. Thin-kerf blades are ideal for thin-strip ripping. 

Kasco wood blades are made in a high-end facility with utmost care. All the latest equipment and machinery enable Kasco to manufacture bandsaw blades of the highest quality. The bandsaw blades are made using fatigue-resistant strip material sourced from the best steel manufacturers.

All the above-mentioned factors make Kasco blades ideal for sawmills. You can buy the best bandsaw blades at even better rates from Industrial Bandsaw Services in Ontario. Get in touch with us today to learn about our extensive bandsaw supplies.