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3 Industries That Depend On Simmons Knife Bands

July 19, 2022

The efficiency of industrial bandsaws has improved significantly in recent decades. With automation taking over the industrial sector, businesses risk losing out to competitors if they do not adapt to the changing times. Conventional bandsaws simply cannot process large quantities like their modern counterparts.

Different types of modern bandsaw blades are at the center of improved bandsaw performance. Simmons is one of the leading brands manufacturing knife bands. A knife band, when installed in the bandsaw correctly, offers an endless loop of a sharp blade, perfect for cutting through things. Simmons knife bands are sought after by many businesses due to their many benefits.


Here are industries that rely on Simmons knife bands.



Foam industry
Businesses in the foam industry need to invest in reliable knife bands. The blades need to withstand the tremendous heat and friction generated due to the constant cutting of foams. Simmons has been manufacturing top-quality blades for the foam industry for many years.

The packaging industry makes use of plastic on a wide scale. If you own a packaging business, you need a knife band that can flawlessly cut through plastic packaging material with ease. Simmons bandsaw blades are perfect for this application.

Leather splitting requires knife bands with multiple temper options made using high-quality steel. The high-temper knife bands from Simmons are perfect for dry splitting leather while low-temper knife bands are perfect for lime splitting. The medium temper blades from Simmons are ideal for chrome splitting. 

One of the best ways to ensure you do not invest in a duplicate knife band instead of a branded one is to do business only with trusted suppliers. Industrial Bandsaw Services is an official supplier of Simmons Knife Bands. You can source from us different types of Simmons bandsaw blades at the best rates. We also supply bandsaw blades from other top brands like Eberle and Kasco.