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3 Popular Vertical Bandsaws From Hydmech

May 19, 2022

3 Popular Vertical Bandsaws From Hydmech

Hydmech is one of the leading brands manufacturing bandsaws, cold saws, and carbide saws. The company was founded in 1978 in Woodstock, Ontario as an engineering consulting firm. Originally, Hydmech Ontario was dedicated to forestry and hydraulic equipment.

In 1980, the founder Stan Jasinski started focusing more on bandsaws, and the rest is history. What prompted the company to shift focus on bandsaws was the lack of availability of suitable bandsaws back when Hydmech was in the forestry and hydraulic equipment industry.

After designing the first mitering saw to fit the company's needs, Stan used his expertise to set up a company that manufactures the best vertical bandsaws.


Here are the top bandsaws from Hydmech Ontario



V-25 Band Saw is a semi-automatic vertical band saw that can miter from 60 degrees left to 60 degrees right. The six-degree canted head in the V-25 is very helpful as it ensures more efficient cutting. The capacity is 30"H x 25" W and this bandsaw boasts a 10 HP motor. The hydraulic pump of 3 HP supplies system pressure through two and three-position directional valves.

V-25APC Band Saw is an automatic vertical band saw from Hydmech that features a 3 HP driven hydraulic pump. The two and three-position directional valves control the head swing, head advance, guide arm movement, and blade tension, offering the best results. Cast iron band wheels, hydraulic chip conveyor, and replaceable blade brush are all standard features of the V-25 APC Band Saw.

VW-18 is a semi-automatic bandsaw from Hydmech Ontario that features an adjustable three-degree canted head. Two full stroking hydraulic vises and manual precise head positioning 60 degrees left to 60 degrees right are standard features of this extraordinary bandsaw.

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