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4 Advantages Of Good Quality Wood Bandsaw Blades

April 11, 2022

Bandsaw blades enable various industries to cut a wide range of metal and lumber workpieces easily. The continuous and automatic movement of the serrated belt enables faster lumbering, metalworking, and woodworking with precision.


The wood bandsaw is preferred over a circular saw in timber mills due to the many advantages of the former. Wood bandsaw blades are mounted on wheels with large diameters for ensuring continuous movement. 


Ensuring that the two flywheels of the bandsaw are co-planar is vital for reducing blade fatigue and breakage. Since the blade is the most essential component of a wood bandsaw, it has to be a good quality one to guarantee durability and optimal performance.


Benefits of high-quality wood bandsaw blades



Better precision: The smaller kerf size of quality bandsaw blades makes it possible for the bandsaw to cut in a much smaller size with high precision. 




Less wastage: Less wastage of the materials is one of the byproducts of using top-of-the-line bandsaw blades with a small kerf size. Reduced material wastage makes using good bandsaw blades cost-effective in the long run.

Cutting in irregular angles:  It is impossible to cut wood in irregular shapes without a top-notch bandsaw blade. It is essential to source wood bandsaw blades from dependable suppliers with a proven track record to avoid inaccurate woodcutting which could lead to wastage of raw materials. 

Durability: In addition, low-quality blades can easily break, causing a loss of time and money due to downtime. Investing in a good quality wood bandsaw blade can guarantee there is no hindrance due to damage or breakage of the blades. 


It is essential to follow maintenance tips to sustain the optimal performance of bandsaw blades. Using the right type of lubricants and sharpening the bandsaw blades regularly are some common tips to enhance performance. Contact Industrial Bandsaw Services for all your bandsaw needs.