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4 Band Saw Parts that Need Careful Maintenance

March 03, 2021

Band saws are intricate machines that consist of many parts that must work together carefully. It isn’t only the bandsaw blades that need maintenance—there are many other key components of a bandsaw that will need to be carefully maintained and repaired when necessary. Having bandsaw parts in tiptop shape is as much a matter of operator safety as it is about getting high quality cuts.


Make sure to only utilize original and up-to-spec band saw parts.


Furthermore, you should have a maintenance schedule in place so that you are consistently inspecting every part of your bandsaw. When you detect an irreparable problem, seek to have the affected parts replaced immediately through reliable suppliers such as Industrial Bandsaw Services.


Here are the bandsaw parts you should be keeping an eye on:


Motor – The motor is crucial to the efficiency and productivity of your bandsaw. A motor that is facing operational issues such as excessive vibrations will cause accelerated wear and tear for your entire bandsaw. Other parts in the machine can become misaligned as a result of motor issues.


Wheels – In most bandsaws, the blade is held between two or three sets of wheels which guide its movement. Faulty wheels or mountings will cause the blade to move uncontrollably or track incorrectly, which can be very dangerous for the operator. Thankfully, Industrial Bandsaw Services provides repair services that can help you re-machine the surface of your wheels. There will be a certain point at which complete replacements are necessary, so make sure to consult with the technicians at Industrial Bandsaw first.


Blade – Of course, the blade is one of the most important parts of a bandsaw. Make sure to source your blades from Industrial Bandsaw, as we only work with the most reliable manufacturers such as Eberle, Kasco, and Simmons. Make sure lubricant is used correctly and that you do not overstress your blades.


Carbide Guides – Carbide guides are essential in making sure your bandsaw cuts straight and square. It is also an important component for increasing the longevity of your blades. As this is quite a small and complex part, you may need experts to help you inspect them properly. Do not hesitate to call Industrial Bandsaw Services for assistance in this regard.  


Whatever your needs may be, you can rest assured that Industrial Bandsaw Services will be able to provide the necessary services. Call us today for more information!