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4 Clear Signs It's Time to Change Your Bandsaw Blades

November 30, 2020

Bandsaw blades come as a long and narrow continuous metal band used to cut and refine raw materials into assembly components and sometimes even beautiful decorations and sculptures. Bandsaws exist in a variety of industries, cutting materials from wood to metals and plastics.


With use over time, you can expect that even your best saw blades will wear out. Here are four clear signs that it's time to replace them.


Constant Use with Thick Material

Thicker material used in construction needs a more powerful machine, as well as more durable blades. These blades are used on a daily basis which will need to be replaced often. Brands like Eberle provide high-quality bimetal and carbide blades to cut through the toughest of metals.


Cuts Aren't as Clean

Using fresh bandsaw blades to cut metal can create the most satisfying clean-cuts. As it ages with each project and the blade starts to deteriorate. The cuts become inaccurate and inconsistent, showing signs that the teeth on your blade are beginning to strip. When this happens, it's time to replace your blades.

Loud and Unusual Squeaking

The more you use your machine, the more you are familiar with how it feels and sounds when cutting material. When you begin to hear your saw squeaking, this is a sign that you need to consider replacing your blade soon.

Cracks on Your Blade

Bandsaw machines operate under stressful conditions. Harder materials such as steel will put the blades under higher stress. This may cause the blade to develop cracks over time. If you notice these cracks, replace your blade immediately. Eberle's CT-Flex line features carbide saw blades that are durable enough to cut through the toughest metals.

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