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4 Types of Essential Band Saw Lubricant and Coolant Products

June 23, 2021

Without band saw lubricant products, there will be much more cutting artifacts and residue after every operation, which may potentially cause problems for your bandsaw. All band saw lubricants work as a lubricant and protective layer for both the saw and the raw material itself. Using coolants preserves bandsaw lifespans and improves cutting accuracy and speed.


Here are four different types of band saw lubricants and coolants:


Soluble Oils

These are mixed lubricants that emulsify with water. They excel in heat transfer and bring great cost-efficiency due to their inexpensiveness compared to the other types of lubricants in this list. Soluble oils use a base mineral oil offering protection from artifacts, nicks, and heat.


Straight Oils

These lubricants go straight from the can to your cutting blade. They save the most time during preparation. They are typically manufactured from petroleum with some additives, including phosphorous, sulfur, and chlorine. While they boast great efficiency, they are also known to be the least effective at heat transferring, compared to the other types of lubricants in this list.


Synthetic Coolants

High-quality coolants that do not use oil or petroleum are synthetic. While understandably more expensive than other products in this list, synthetic coolants deliver the best anti-corrosion and heat transfer properties. Manufacturers use alkaline organic and inorganic compounds to create this lubricant.


Semi-Synthetic Coolants

These types of coolants have a higher performance level compared to soluble oils and a little less performance efficiency compared to purely synthetic coolants. Its price falls below synthetic coolants but offers a higher level of corrosion protection and heat transfer capacity than pure soluble oil.


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