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A Guide to Band Saw Parts: 7 Critical Components

August 17, 2021

Band saws are complex machines—when you are maintaining them or selecting a new machine to use, it is important to check on critical band saw parts.

In today’s blog, we explain the functions of the main band saw parts:


The blade is the cutting tool that makes the entire process possible. Manufacturers build blades in a variety of widths, lengths, and teeth pitch. Consult with reliable blade suppliers, such as Industrial Bandsaw Services, to get the best ones for your machines.

Bandsaw Motor

Motors are what power the machine and the blade to do their work. Manufacturers may indicate a specific motor for different kinds of blades—make sure you consult with a bandsaw expert to understand the needs of your applications.


Both the base and frame make up the band saw blade's exterior structure. Sturdy aluminum or steel often make up the best frames. Alternatively, lighter plastic frames are used for less intense applications.

Dust Port

Bandsaw machines comes with dust ports to take care of the sawdust and chips from workpieces. During your maintenance rounds, you will need to de-clog dust ports to ensure the band saw blade's waste disposal path is in good condition.


Without tables, measuring and cutting workpieces will be impossible. In addition, tables require regular maintenance and alignment using miter gauges and tilt levers.

Tension Knobs

Blades have to be adequately tense before operations commence. Blades with poor tension can easily break regardless of how new they are. However, overly-tense blades can break under high pressure as well. Tension knobs are used to easily adjust a blade’s tension before cutting.

Blade Adjustment Knobs

Blade height is crucial when angling workpieces and ensuring perfect blade cutting tension. Getting the right adjustment is crucial for preventing premature blade deterioration due to wobbling.

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