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All You Need to Know About Band Saw Lubricants

December 21, 2021

Bandsaws and their blades can last for quite a long time with proper use by professionals. With band saw lubricants, you can make your machinery and blades last for a long time. 

Lubrication does many things, such as:

  • Prevent Blade Heating: The bandsaw blade must be lubricated. Without lubrication, sawdust will dry on the blade and cause the blade to heat up. The heat will cause the bandsaw to run poorly or even stop running altogether.
  • Ensure Artefact-Less Cuts: Artefacts can mar the surface of your cuts due to excessive heat. Poor lubrication will result in excessive heat. Normally, band saw lubricants also provide an extra coating of protection.  
  • Extend Blade Lifespan: Friction reduces the lifespan and overall performance of bandsaws. With lubricants, you won't need to replace your blades as frequently. 

Here are three common types of band saw blade lubricants:

Vegetable Oil Lubricant

For a non-abrasive, easy to clean, and durable band saw lubricant, a good choice is a natural or vegetable oil. In most cases, natural or vegetable oil is not as difficult to find as other types of lubricant. In addition, it is usually free from harmful toxins and pollutants. It is also less likely to cause allergic reactions and is not as toxic. However, they dry up much more easily than spray mist and semi-synthetic lubricants.

Spray Mist Lubricant

This is a popular and inexpensive lubricant that's often used in the fabrication industry. Spray mist lubricants can be applied before the insertion of components. It's non-toxic and safe for use with other materials, and the container that it comes in is also easy to work with and highly durable. These lubricants are cheap and easy to apply easily. Users need only spray the lubricant on the parts where it needs to be applied. The spray mist format also helps users to avoid over-application. 

Semi-Synthetic Oil

Semi-synthetic oil lubricants are a great option for many types of bandsaws and blades because they offer a blend of synthetic and mineral oils. They are light yet still offer high levels of protection. In fact, semi-synthetic oils have the same properties as full synthetic oil lubricants but at a somewhat lower price point.

Get the Best Band Saw Lubricants Today

You can always count on us at Industrial Bandsaw Services for the best bandsaw products for your machines. Make sure you get the right lubricant for your applications as this will ensure the longer lifespan of your machinery and blades.