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An Overview Of Hydmech Double Miter Series

May 13, 2022

Bandsaws are effective and used widely for cutting metal, wood, leather, and even meat across industries. Different brands specialize in bandsaws apt for a specific industry like Hydmech does for the metal cutting industry. Hydmech is one of the leading and most sought-after brands in the metal cutting industry that continues to innovate.

Industrial Bandsaw Services boasts an extensive selection of bandsaws and bandsaw parts manufactured by Hydmech. Double Miter Series is one of the most impressive ranges of bandsaws from the Canadian machinery company with clients across the world.


Let's take a look into the Double Miter Series from Hydmech



Hydmech's Double Miter Series features some of the most compact bandsaws that are capable of performing as well as the larger models.

DM-10 Band Saw
DM-10 Band Saw is versatile and perfect for workshops with restricted working spaces. Rigidity is one of the significant features of the DM-10 Band Saw. All the bandsaw parts and components are of top quality.

It features a cast iron head and vises that absorb vibrations, offering higher precision. The rotating table featuring a single cut line facilitates coordinated movement of the head and blade to offer flawless mitering. 

DM-1215 Band Saw
The Hydmech DM-1215 Band Saw is a double-mitre band saw that helps operators save time by offering easy setup. User-friendly operator controls combined with easily accessible electrical panels and cabinets make the DM-1215 bandsaw popular. The DM-1215 is perfect for those looking for a power-packed and compact bandsaw. 

DM-1318P double miter is a semi-automatic band saw that provides exceptional miter cutting for medium-duty applications. The versatile swing head features an easy-to-read angle scale that helps save the operator a lot of time. 

You can rely on Industrial Bandsaw Services for bandsaw machinery or bandsaw parts at the best rates. Get in touch with us today to learn about our wide range of bandsaw blades and supplies.