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Band Saw Part Basics

January 31, 2020

As a fundamental tool when it comes to the manufacturing and fabrication of materials such as metal, wood, or even plastic – band saws are one of the most notable power tools available out there.


A number of components are essential in ensuring the smooth operation of your band saw.


Band saw parts work in conjunction with one another to ensure optimal, reliable results. Having a basic understanding of some of the more essential parts can provide further insight into how a band saw functions. In today’s blog we’ll deconstruct the band saw by looking at a few fundamental band saw parts.


The Blade


The blade is an essential component of the band saw configuration. In addition to being the most versatile in customizability, the band saw blade is the part that cuts into the work piece. Available in a range of sizes and specialized cutting ability, there is likely an optimal blade capable of meeting the demands of your unique working needs.


The Motor


The motor powers the band saw, and subsequently sends vibrations through the machine. Long-term accumulated effects result in regular wear and tear. In some cases, certain parts can slowly become dislodged and can negatively impact band saw operational performance.


The Wheels


The band saw blade sits between wheels that allow the blade to move while slicing through the work piece. Band saw wheels pilot the direction of the blade, so any faulty or misaligned wheels will negatively impair the precision of the blade when cutting, and affect overall sawing performance.


Where can I find quality band saw parts?


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