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Band Saw Parts and Servicing at Indsutrial Bandsaw Services

September 28, 2021

A bandsaw is only as good as the band saw parts that you equip it with. Furthermore, proper maintenance and replacement of these band saw parts is crucial to keeping your machine running properly.

Partnering up with a reliable bandsaw product supplier is key to keeping your operations smooth. Industrial Bandsaw Services is a respected supplier of band saw parts and services, keeping industrial businesses all across Canada well-stocked and serviced.


Learn more about our band saw parts and the services we provide: 

There are three main band saw part manufacturers that we work with, namely Eberle, Simmons, and Kasco. These manufacturers are well-known for their superior blades for all kinds of materials, including steel, wood, leather, plastics, and more. Our main manufacturer for band saws is Hyd Mech. Replacement parts and specific components required by our clients can also be acquired through our partnerships with these distinguished manufacturers.

Here is a breakdown of the manufacturers we work with: 


Eberle is our primary supplier metal-cutting blades. They manufacture bimetal blades, carbide blades, and more. They have three main product series: Duoflex, Nanoflex, and CT-flex. On top of this, they also manufacture high-quality coolants and lubricants, including the Semitech series, Clean Lube series, and anti-weld splatters.


For all your non-metal cutting needs, Simmons is the manufacturer to go for. They specialize in blades and knife-bands used for foam, food, plastic, and leather cutting. Their blades come in a variety of types, giving you ample selection to choose the product that best suits your needs.


Kasco is our specialist for wood-cutting blades. Their main product is the Kasco WoodMaxx premium wood bandsaw blade, ideal for use in thin kerf sawmills as well as vertical and horizontal re-sawing applications. Their blades are well known for their tight tolerances.

Hyd Mech

Our main bandsaw manufacturer is Hyd Mech, an industry leader recognized worldwide for their technological innovation. They manufacture horizontal, vertical, horizontal pivot, and double miter bandsaws. If you need replacement band saw parts or band saw servicing, the experts at Industrial Bandsaw Services can source the best original parts as well as the necessary knowhow from our decades of working with Hyd Mech to provide you with the best solutions.

To get your hands on the best band saw parts, contact us today!