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Band Saw Parts: Blades and Their Applications

July 06, 2018

One of the most common power tools found in woodwork and metal workshops are band saws. A typical band saw employs a serrated metal blade with small metal teeth which form a continuous band and extend over two pulleys. They are available in different types and the appropriate band saw parts can vary widely depending on type, model and application.


While some of these band saw parts are intended for safety, customization or optimizing a cut for different materials, blades are one of the more versatile and central parts in any shop.   


With the appropriate blade, your process can improve efficiency and safety significantly. There are three basic types of blade based on tooth style: hook, skip, and regular. While these band saw blades look similar, there are significant differences. Each tooth style is specifically suitable for a certain cut or material, and one blade type cannot effectively replace another during a cut on a specific material if you want to achieve uniformity. It can be very useful to know the features of each blade to save time, effort and money.  At Industrial Band Saw, we can provide expert advice for any project. Here are the basics:


Regular type blade

The regular tooth blade is the most common type and is suited for general purpose or cut-off cutting and contour cutting. It works perfectly in cutting fine materials. This type of blade is all about proportion and has the widest use globally.


Hook type blade   

Hook type blades are very distinct, with a deeper gullet and larger tooth. They are especially useful for tougher materials and cut much faster. They are typically used in cutting metal, thicker hardwood, and plastic that requires long cuts. 


Skip type blade

The key distinction with skip band saw blades is that they have more space between each tooth. This style prevents clogging, which is essential in cutting non-ferrous metals, softwood, and plastics effectively.


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