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Bandsaw Blade Anatomy

September 05, 2019

There’s no denying the utility of bandsaw blades in a myriad of cutting applications. While they might look like simple flat pieces of metal with teeth, they are actually one of the most sophisticated cutting tools available. Blades are manufactured to ensure optimal cutting utility depending on specificity of need and material type. From metals, composite materials, plastics, and woods – blades are essential to ensuring a material is cut as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Today we’ll discuss the factors that contribute to finding a suitable bandsaw blade to achieve optimal cutting results.


Blade Length


Blades are available in a range of different sizes and therefore different lengths. Most bandsaws will accept a range of blade lengths, so knowing blade length is essential to determining the range of length a machine can mount.


Blade Width


Blade width is indicative of two things: total capacity in which your bandsaw can accommodate for, and the minimum radius you’re looking to cut. Depending on material and cut you’re looking to achieve, you may require a blade with a specific width to get the job done effectively.


Teeth Per Inch (TPI)


Teeth per inch (TPI) is measured from gullet to gullet. A gullet is the rounded space cut into the blade plate located between the teeth. Generally, a coarse-toothed blade is suitable for re-sawing or cutting thicker materials, whereas fine-tooth blades are suitable for cutting thin metals and plastic materials. In general, fewer teeth result in a fast but rough cut, and more teeth results in a smoother cut but slower overall feed rate.


Tooth Profiles


Besides blade length, width, and TPI, other factors like tooth profile and type of set are important when selecting a suitable blade. Common tooth profiles include skip tooth, hook tooth, and standard tooth profiles.


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