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Bandsaw Supplies By Industrial Bandsaw Services

April 26, 2022

Industrial bandsaws are exceptional additions to any machine shop. The ability of the modern bandsaws to cut through workpieces of varying thickness is commendable. From wood and steel to any type of metal or even leather, no matter the nature of the workpiece, there is an industrial bandsaw specifically designed for that application.

One of the major things to keep in mind while investing in bandsaws is to go for machinery manufactured by only the top brands like Hydmech. Even the supplier you are sourcing the bandsaw needs to be a trusted one. Industrial Bandsaw Services is a trusted name in bandsaw supplies with numerous clients in Toronto and the GTA.


2 reasons that make Industrial Bandsaw Services a trusted name in bandsaw supplies.


Extensive collection of blades
The bandsaw blade is one of the most important elements of a bandsaw. We boast an impressive selection of blades from the best brands like Simmons, Eberle, and Kasco. Simmons manufactures blades for foam, food, plastic, and leather cutting while Kasco's WoodMaxx premium band saw blades are ideal for sawmills. You can find all types of blades under one roof at Industrial bandsaw Services.

Lubricants and coolants
Apart from the bandsaw blades, lubricants and coolants are essential bandsaw supplies that Industrial Bandsaw Services supplies clients with the best rates. Lubricants are essential to prevent friction between the parts of the bandsaws, and coolants are vital for maintaining the internal temperature.

Apart from a massive selection of bandsaw blades, lubricants and coolants, what makes Industrial Bandsaw Services a trusted name in bandsaw supplies is the fact that the clients can find everything under one roof. 

Whether you are looking for a bandsaw itself or for supplies like blades, coolants, and lubricants, you can rely on us at Industrial Bandsaw Services. Get in touch with us today to learn about all our supplies.