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Benefits of Woodmaxx Premium Band Saw Blades




Wood mills are essential for the survival of industries like paper, construction, and furniture. Also known as sawmills and timber mills, massive logs are cut into timber at these mills. 


The entire process of cutting logs into lumber can be time-consuming and tedious without the right tools. Wood mills make use of modern wood bandsaw blades to make boards out of logs of different sizes.


Industrial Bandsaw Services is an official supplier of wooden bandsaw blades from the popular brand Kasco. Woodmaxx Premium Band Saw Blades is a range of band saw blades from Kasco that are popular in the wood mill industry.

2 features that make Woodmaxx Premium Band Saw Blades popular

Ideal for thin kerf sawmills

The premium range of band saw blades from Kasco are perfect for thin kerf sawmills. The blades are designed to offer maximum effectiveness against logs of varying thickness. The term "kerf" refers to the thickness of a cut that a sawmill makes. Thin kerf blades ensure that the amount of wood removed from the log is minimal, thus ensuring minimal wastage and precise cutting. 


Blade options for wood of varying thickness

Woodmaxx Premium Band Saw Blades are designed to offer maximum effectiveness against different types of wood with varying levels of hardness. The Maxx10 blade is an all-purpose blade that is perfect for cutting mixed hardwood. The Maxx7 and Maxx4 are designed specifically to help sawmills cut seasoned and frozen woods respectively. 


If you are looking for a better and more powerful wood bandsaw blade that can offer high horsepower production sawing, you can choose SuperMaxx7 from the range of Woodmaxx Premium Band Saw Blades by Kasco.


Industrial Bandsaw Services is a one-stop-shop for all your band saw needs. We are the trusted suppliers of band saw parts and band saw lubricants of top brands. Contact us today to learn about everything we can do for you.



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