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Better Cuts with Band Saw Lubricant

July 18, 2018

At Industrial BandSaw, we provide band saw lubricant for shops and fabricators looking to reduce costs on materials and operation. We offer a comprehensive line of lubricants that allow near-dry sawing with precise cuts and ensure a prolonged service life for the blade.


These minimum quantity band saw lubricants are designed to provide complete coverage on the blade’s surface in the most efficient manner possible, allowing for efficient cutting of diverse materials. 


Here is what you need to know:

Coolants, lubricants, and cutting fluids are interchangeable terms used to describe one thing. It is a liquid used to dissipate heat, lubricate the band saw blade teeth, and flush debris. It is used as a coolant to prevent the saw blade from overheating. Keeping the blade slick with lubricant prevents chips or flawed cuts.

Choosing the right lubricant for near-dry sawing applications is necessary. Oil-based lubricants cover metal surfaces better than water-based fluids, for example. It should be noted, however, that not all oils perform the same. When selecting a cutting fluid, choose one of high quality that best fit the type of cut, material and finish your product or project requires. Our experts can provide extensive advice and feedback on any commercial need.

If the cutting lubricant does not effectively cool the blade and teeth, they will soften and become dull. If applied only to one side of the saw blade, the opposite side of that blade will become dull and unstable. Band saw lubricants for near-dry sawing make a tremendous difference in any operation when accurately implemented, preventing slippage, cracks or brakes in cutting a range of materials.

Learn more about band saw lubricants, parts and upgrades: visit our website to browse our extensive stock or contact us today to speak with an expert. We carry only brands and products widely recognized for their quality throughout the industry.