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Beyond the Blade: The Other Important Parts of a Band Saw

January 08, 2019




The general definition of a band saw understandably highlights the blade, as it’s the most important part of the machine.




There are, however, other band saw parts that should be taken into consideration when purchasing one of these machines. In this blog, we shift the focus to the other major parts of the band saw that are necessary for its function.


The Motor

Aim to purchase a motor with a slightly higher power than you typically need, as the motor will last longer if it is not used at its maximum capacity on a regular basis. The typical band saw has a motor power of at least 2.5 horsepower.

The Frame

The frame is what holds the entire instrument together. Two types of band saw frames are the plastic frame and steel frame. Use of the plastic frame is widespread because it is smaller, portable, and more economical. A steel frame can support larger blades and is more durable—these qualities make it more expensive. Cast iron frames are also popular.

The Wheels

The band saw has two wheels made of aluminum, cast iron, or other alloys. The lower wheel is attached to the motor while the upper wheel is used to adjust blade tension. Wheels made from heavier materials provide greater rotational momentum and a smoother cut.

Blade Guides

These band saw parts keep the blades in position while cutting and are important for maintaining precision. There are two types of blade guides: ceramic and bearing. The ceramic blade guides have 10 points of contact with the blade in order to dissipate heat and prolong its life, while the bearing blade guides use sealed bearings to minimize friction.

The Table

The table is where the materials to be cut are placed. A slit, called the throat, runs from one edge of the table to its center—this is where the blade is fed through. The length of the throat will determine the size of the cut that a blade can make. If you need a larger table, you can adjust it with plyboard.


Don’t forget to inspect these parts when purchasing a band saw for your business. At Industrial Bandsaw Services, we can guarantee that our products meet the highest quality standards. We provide new and refurbished band saw parts, blades, and coolants from the most trusted brands in the industry. Contact us today for all of your band saw needs!