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When you need to cut various food, foam, or leather products, a Simmons knife band can provide accurate cuts to get the job done in the best possible way. This blog post delves into the different knife bands that we at Industrial Bandsaw Services offer.

Choosing A Simmons Knife Band with Industrial Bandsaw Services




An industrial band saw has a wide variety of applications. From cutting wood to metal, band saws are highly useful to a number of industries. Band saws utilize specific types of knife bands that are dependent on the cutting application. At Industrial Bandsaw Services, we offer a Simmons knife band for your specific cutting operation.


Whatever your band saw application – be it cutting foam, food, plastic or leather – a Simmons knife band is definitely the brand to choose!


SlimCut Butcher

A SlimCut Butcher band is ideal for many food-cutting applications. Used to cut a variety of meat – from beef and pork to fish and poultry – this Simmons knife band is specifically designed to produce clean and fast cuts with minimal waste.



The Scallop knife band has been utilized for decades – and for good reason. This Simmons knife band is capable of cutting a variety of different materials ranging from various foam products like memory foam to food products including boneless meat, bread, and vegetables.



This Simmons knife band is typically utilized to cut low-density foams that produce minimal dust. The use of the Wavy knife band results in a smooth product. Different applications of this knife band include fabric, sponges, vinyl, leather, and paper.



When you’re tasked with cutting foam, pipe insulation, or other non-woven materials, the wire blades are your ideal choice. These blades are typically utilized to cut particular shapes and patterns, and are available in a variety of abrasiveness to suit your specific cutting job.


Narrow Knife

Used to cut soft foam, fabric, and food products including vegetables, cheese, and boneless meat, the Narrow Knife band is incredibly versatile. Made from carbon steel, these band saw knife bands are crafted with quality, allowing you to produce accurate cuts.


Wide Knife

Also made from carbon steel, the Wide Knife band is used for relatively harder materials compared to the Narrow knife band’s applications. The Wide Knife band is generally utilized for cutting leather, rubber, packaging materials, and insulation.


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For your needs in foam, food, plastic and leather cutting – Simmons is the blade of choice.


Eberle provides a large variety of high-tech band saw blades including bimetal, coated bimetal and carbide blades for all your cutting demands.


Kasco WoodMaxx premium band saw blades for wood are ideal for sawmills and other applications where band sawmill blades are used.



That latter part we can show you with a range of machinery, industrial band saw blades, services, and advice that you can rely on to keep your equipment performing and add value to your business. In other words, we produce the best band saw blades in Ontario and Canada.

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