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Choosing An Effective Band Saw Coolant

August 02, 2018

Achieving efficiency in a metal sawing operation needs a properly maintained band saw, which requires the use of a quality band saw coolant. Using a coolant properly is essential in improving the cutting rates of your band saw by keeping the lubrication and cooling of the blade balanced. Since sawing is thermogenic due to the friction of metal, the use of a coolant is highly necessary.


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Using a high quality band saw coolant effectively reduces the heat, thus making the entire process efficient and more cost-effective. Aside from this, a coolant can prevent the metal chips from getting welded to the tooth face.


Things To Consider When Selecting A Coolant


1. Material – Band saws are subjected to high feed pressures and slow cutting speeds to accomplish sawing work for hardened metals. Thus, a coolant is essential in providing a higher degree of (EP), or extreme pressure lubricity. A free-flowing band saw coolant can absorb and dissipate heat effectively during the sawing process.


2.Machine – Band saw devices can be outfitted with an applied coolant distribution system while some are not compatible with it. For other horizontal and vertical saws, they work best with a misting system for adequate lubricity to reduce the heat produced in the sawing process.


3.Coolant Application Systems – The most efficient and effective coolant application involves a flood system through the machine’s guide blocks. Correctly applying the coolant through the blade guide effectively reduces the frictional heat and provides maximum lubricity on chips. Small band saw machines only require a misting spray, while larger devices would need an ample amount of coolant to keep the heat produced in control.


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