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Choosing Wood Bandsaw Blades

June 16, 2021

Wood bandsaw blades come in various thicknesses, tooth configurations, and widths. These factors have to be taken into consideration when selecting the right kind of blade for your applications.

In today’s blog, we will be going over some tips for selecting wood bandsaw blades:

1. Deciding on bandsaw blade width

Bandsaw blades widths play a significant role in the maximum capacity of the saw as well as the minimum radius it can cut. Typically, wider blades will be able to produce straighter cuts even at high speeds. Conversely, narrow blades are better for cutting curves or contours.

2. Considering bandsaw blade thickness

Selecting the right thickness for your wood bandsaw blades is also crucial. If your bandsaw is too thin for your applications, it can lead to failure due to continual heating and flexing during the cutting process. On the other hand, blades that are too thick for your applications can make operation harder and result in inaccuracies. Generally, thicker blades are perfect for heavy cutting projects while thinner blades are ideal for lighter work.

3. Thinking about teeth number

In essence, wood bandsaw blades with fewer teeth cut faster but produce a slightly rougher finish. Conversely, a blade that has more teeth cuts smoother and slower. Your choice in terms of tooth number will depend on the accuracy and stability required for the specific materials you will be working with.

4. Determining the right tooth type

There are three main style of teeth for wood bandsaw blades: regular, skip, and hook. Here are the advantages of each type:

  • Regular: this tooth type will produce smoother cuts for all types for wood thanks to its higher number of teeth per inch
  • Hook: hook blades have wider-spaced teeth and as such are capable for cutting harder wood types.
  • Skip: like the hook blade, skip blades have wider spaced teeth but a zero-degree rake angle for less aggressive cuts.

All of these factors will come together to help you choose the right blade for your applications. Call the Industrial Bandsaw Services for more information on wood bandsaw blades and bandsaws.