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Common Practices That Damage Band Saw Parts

April 20, 2022

Industrial bandsaws have revolutionized the way metal fabrication shops function. The ability of these bandsaws to cut through metals of varying thickness makes them an important addition to the arsenal of a metal fabricator.

The bandsaw is made of different parts like the blade, motor, table, frame, and base, among many others. Each part is integral to the bandsaw's performance and thus, needs to be taken care of properly.

If you are a first-time user, there are several practices you should be aware of that are capable of damaging band saw parts.



3 practices capable of damaging the band saw parts.



Choosing the wrong blade
Choosing the right blade is of utmost importance. While some blades are perfect for cutting through woods with ease, some blades are specifically designed to help metal fabricators cut through workpieces of varying thickness with ease. Fixing the bandsaw with the wrong blade can even affect the performance of the motor as it will be forced to generate more power.

Not using coolants
Coolants and lubricants are essential for the smooth functioning of bandsaws. It is recommended to use the right coolant to ensure that the band saw parts do not get damaged due to wear and tear in a relatively shorter period. 

Incorrect feed rate
The feed rate is one of the most important factors to consider while investing in an industrial bandsaw. Feed rate can be defined as the following: The amount of material in square inches that a band saw can cut per minute. If you try and increase the feed rate of the industrial bandsaw beyond its capability, the band saw parts can malfunction due to increased pressure.

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