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Coolants and Lubricants: Saving Your Bandsaw Blades

December 30, 2020

Cutting through metal is no easy task for any bandsaw blades. A high-quality saw blade from Eberle makes precision cuts through aluminum and steel much cleaner. But without using a bandsaw cutting fluid, you may be shortening the blade's lifespan. Some fluids even have the ability to temporarily prevent rust from forming on the blade.


Cutting fluid is essential with metalworking bandsaws for the blades to stay cool and lubricated when cutting through the toughest materials.


Coolant vs Lubricant

Coolants act on the heat generated in the cutting zone, keeping a low temperature in the area. Lubricants, on the other hand, act to reduce friction during the cut, resulting in a lower rate of heat generation from the bandsaw blades. While coolants like the SEMITECH series are diluted with water before use, lubricants like the CLEAN LUBE series are developed to be applied directly through minimum quantity lubrication.

Types of coolants and lubricants can also vary depending on your cutting application as well. So it is very important to make sure you are using the right cutting fluid for the job. The Eberle Clean Lube V2000 and Clean Lube 3000 are lubricants used for different metalworking applications. The Clean Lube V2000 is a low to medium viscosity oil ideal for moderate machining and grinding of materials. In comparison, the Clean Lube 3000 is a medium to high viscosity fluid that is more suitable for sawing, broaching, and tapping.


Flood Coolant and MQL

Depending on the specific processing methods of your project, different applications of cutting fluid is required. Larger projects may prefer the flood coolant method where cutting fluid is constantly streamed through a nozzle onto your bandsaw blades. Minimum quantity lubrication or MQL on the other hand uses optimized amounts of lubricant combined with compressed air to apply lubrication onto your blades while blowing away loose chips from the cutting area.


No matter the blades you use, bandsaw coolants and lubricants are products that you cannot overlook if you want your equipment to have a longer lifespan. At Industrial Bandsaw Services, we make sure to provide the appropriate cutting fluids from the best manufacturers.