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Diagnosing Potential Issues with Your Woodworking Band Saw Blade

June 21, 2019

Industrial Bandsaw Services can you supply you the best woodworking band saw blade thanks to KASCO. KASCO has been manufacturing premium WoodMaxx Blades in the industry for decades, offering ultra precision ground teeth, tight tolerance balanced tooth sets, and state-of-the-art tooth hardening.

In today’s blog, we offer some helpful tips on how to diagnose potential issues with your woodworking band saw blade. While WoodMaxx’s blades are known for their durability and quality, oftentimes misuse or misapplication can result in minor malfunctions.


Here are some issues to keep an eye out for:


  1. Premature and undue wearing of teeth
    1. This could mean that your feed pressure is too light, or that your band velocity is too low. Adjust accordingly.
    2. You may have selected the wrong tooth for your application.
    3. The teeth may be running in the wrong direction – check over and correct if needed.
  2. Vibrating blade
    1. You may need to adjust the band velocity.
    2. Secure the cutting material to ensure that it is not moving around, causing the woodworking band saw blade to be unstable.
    3. Increase either the feed pressure or the tension of the band.
  3. Blade breakage
    1. The blade you chose may have been too thick for the wheel diameter and speed of the machine.
    2. Decrease the velocity, blade tension, feeding force, or heat of the brittle weld. You can also try increasing the velocity.
  4. The blade appears to be making curved cuts
    1. Either increase the tension or decrease the feed force.
    2. The teeth may either be too dull or too fine.
    3. Your guides may be too far from the work-piece.

There are more possible troubleshooting solutions for your woodworking band saw blade. However, should you run into an issue that you find difficult to diagnose, fret not, because Industrial Bandsaw Services can provide both regular maintenance and 24/7 emergency service. Our thorough inspection process ensures that you spot potential problems long before they occur, so that we can fix them before these issues interrupt productivity.