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Discussing The Workings Of A Horizontal Bandsaw

May 15, 2024
The best horizontal bandsaws from Industrial Bandsaw Services in Mississauga, ON

A bandsaw is an inextricable aspect of machine shops and sawmills. The efficiency a sophisticated bandsaw offers is unmatched. They can cut through even the toughest materials with relative ease. Did you know that horizontal and vertical bandsaws are two of the most popular bandsaw machinery? Industrial Bandsaw Services in Mississauga, ON, is a leading supplier of vertical and horizontal bandsaws. In this blog, we discuss the workings of a horizontal bandsaw. If you are in the market for horizontal saws, read this blog until the end to make an informed decision.


Understanding How A Horizontal Bandsaw Works

Horizontal saws are heavy-duty machinery capable of cutting tough metals with ease. The significant difference between horizontal and vertical bandsaw is how the blade cuts through the workpiece. In the former, the workpiece stays stationary while the blade moves through it. As far as vertical bandsaws are concerned, the bade stays stationary while the workpiece is moved through it.

Horizontal bandaws are increasingly versatile. Horizontal saws are perfect for steel fabricators, steel service centers, machine shops, forging and die shops. What's more? Horizontal saws are equally good for cutting tubes, channels, angles, and solids. The horizontal saw gets its name because the blade moves in a horizontal plane. 

The material to be cut is secured on a vise or clamped onto a table near the saw blade. The blade itself consists of a continuous band with teeth that rotate horizontally. The fixed horizontal plane of blades ensures straight and flawless cuts with quality and consistency. 

Horizontal saws are often powered by powerful motors and hydraulic pumps. There are two major types of horizontal bandsaws, automatic and manual. Industrial Bandsaw Services is a one-stop destination for all your bandsaw needs.


Understanding how a horizontal bandsaw works can greatly benefit those in the manufacturing and metalworking industries. You can rely on us at Industrial Bandsaw Services for all your bandsaw supply needs. We supply the best bandsaw parts, blades, and machinery to clients in Ontario. Call 905 566 4800 to place an order or get a free quote.