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Distinguishing the Two Main Types of Bandsaw Coolants

April 07, 2021

Bandsaw coolants are an absolute necessity, especially in industrial sawing applications. They are used to distribute heat away from both the blade and the material being cut, which will heat up during the course of the cutting process. In addition, it also has lubricating properties that help preserve the integrity of your blades and machines. On top of that, bandsaw coolants are also capable of washing away swarf, which is the debris that is generated during the cutting process. Swarf can clog up your machine and other vulnerable parts, leading to jamming, inaccurate cuts, and excessive vibrations.


There are two main types of bandsaw coolants: spray mists and concentrated liquids.


Spray mist - This type of band saw coolant is used in more often in heavy duty applications such as shearing, cold forming, and milling. A spray mist unit or bottle can be purchased and filled up with the fluid, and then fluid can then be dispensed in the appropriate amount. It is a very versatile fluid and best used for near-dry machining. If you’re wondering what type of spray mist unit to go for, consult with the experts at Industrial Bandsaw Services and we can recommend you a product from our variety of specialty mist application nozzles to fit your needs.


Concentrated liquid – Band saw coolant concentrate is the second type of coolant product. Within this category, coolant products come in a variety of types, suitable for different applications and materials. Most of the time, this liquid has to be diluted with water. Typically, the formula is 1 part coolant to 20 parts water, but adjustments may be needed depending on the application. The experts at Industrial Bandsaw Services will be able to advise you on this. The benefits of concentrated liquid is that it is low misting, highly transparent, and allows chips and filings to settle quickly.


You will need to understand your applications carefully in order to determine which types of these bandsaws will work best for you. Contact us today for more information on bandsaw coolant products!