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Do Not Forget to Maintain These Band Saw Parts

June 09, 2021

To keep machines running smoothly, operators must keep the band saw parts functioning effectively to prevent unexpected breakdowns and logistical issues. Every band saw part is valuable, but sometimes technicians and operators can overlook parts that they wrongfully assume are less important. Typically, band saw parts such as motors, carbide guides, and wheels get a lot of attention maintenance-wise. However, there are a number of band saw parts that are still incredibly important to your band saw productivity but get neglected often.


In today’s blog, we will be going over often-overlooked band saw parts that still require careful maintenance and care:


Bandsaw Tables

Operators need well-built and sturdy bandsaw tables to help them align workpieces while the bandsaw cuts through them effectively. Tables are one of the most crucial band saw parts requiring immediate recalibration or replacement once they start becoming inaccurate or problematic. Furthermore, you will need to regularly clean these to ensure that debris and dust do not affect your work.


Tension and Blade Adjustment Knobs

Blade tension can be adjusted to straighten and ensure the blade's readiness for cutting depending on your workpiece's thickness. You need to adjust the blade to make sure it follows your cutting line, which is crucial in all projects. If the adjustment controls are not working effectively, you will have trouble achieving consistent cuts. Make sure to inspect these knobs frequently to make sure everything is in order and to avoid wasteful and costly mistakes.


The Blade Itself

High-quality blades will cut through the material it's intended to process. However, over time, it can dull or even break apart due to constant use. Fortunately, dependable bandsaw blade suppliers, such as Industrial Bandsaw Services, can provide you with the best and most dependable replacements.


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