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Essential Band Saw Parts That Must Be Replaced Immediately

August 22, 2018

Whereas when thinking of repairing a band saw the mind immediately gravitates towards broken band saw blades. In fact, band saws are intricate machines that need to be maintained fastidiously. Repairing band saw machinery is as much a matter of operator safety as it is getting high quality cuts. Which is why using genuine band saw parts is so important.


Being tools that must operate under high stress and loads, only original and up-to-spec band saw parts must be used in the repair and maintenance of your band saws.


There are many aspects to a band saw’s operation, not just the blade. How well the blade’s movement is controlled, the size of the saw, the toughness of the material being cut and the intricacy of the cut are all factors that affect strain on band saw parts. And these must be checked and replaced periodically to ensure the saw operates at its optimum efficiency.


Motor – The motor running the band saw is an essential part of the sawing mechanism. A motor that is ‘running rough’ will send vibrations throughout the band saw and cause excessive wear and tear. Band saw parts can become misaligned or fail entirely as a result of this motor running roughly.


Wheels – The blade is held between two or three sets of wheels which guide its movement. Any play in the wheel mountings or worn out wheels will lead to uncontrolled blade movement. These should always be replaced with high quality band saw parts, which comply with the specifications provided. In many cases, Industrial Bandsaw Services will be able to re-machine the surface of your existing wheels which gives you the performance of a brand new part at a fraction of the cost. Although, re-machining does have a threshold.


Blade – The blade is about the most ‘customizable’ of band saw parts that you can have on a band saw. Simply put, blades come in all sizes and cutting configurations and whichever is most apt for your operation is the one you should use. However, going by general wisdom, it is advisable that blades from only reputed manufacturers be purchased to ensure their quality and safe operation. We only use the best bimetals from Eberle and bring in raw material in order to cut to any custom length.


Carbide Guides – The condition of your carbide guide assembly is an integral part of keeping your band saw cutting straight and square, as well as increasing the longevity of your band saw blade. Although it is a very small and simple assembly, making sure your carbide guides are in good condition is a priority in your saw maintenance. If they become worn, it is of the upmost important that you have them replaced immediately.