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Factors Influencing Your Choice of Bandsaw Blade

April 28, 2021

Bandsaw blades are employed in a number of industries, chiefly in steel mills and sawmills. High quality bandsaw blades are needed to help manufacturers and suppliers prepare steel and wood components. Paired with an efficient bandsaw machine from a reputable manufacturer such as Hyd Mech, you can guarantee the best and most consistent results. You will need to select the right type of bandsaw blade to ensure your cutting processes run smoothly.



Here are all the factors affecting bandsaw blade selection:



Length and Width

When choosing the right blade, make sure you are aware of the length range your machine is capable of mounting. Most of the time, length will not be a huge factor, but it still pays to be aware of these attributes. On the other hand, blade width is a crucial factor as it affects the radius you will be able to cut. Furthermore, different materials also work better with different widths, so make sure you consult with a sales representative  carefully so that they are aware of your specific needs.


Teeth Per Inch (TPI)

TPI refers to the number of serrations, or teeth, per inch. Just like blade widths, this is an important factor to be cognizant of. Blades with coarser teeth are more suitable for thicker materials, while finer-toothed blades are better for thinner metals and plastic materials. Generally, less teeth per inch can produce fast cuts with a tradeoff of less accuracy, while more teeth per inch produces smoother cuts at a slower rate.


Tooth Profiles

Also known as tooth style, this refers to the type of serrations or teeth that a blade has. Each type has a slightly differently-shaped design to yield different results for different applications. You can learn more about choosing bandsaw blades according to tooth style from our blogs.



When it comes to industrial equipment, it is imperative to only work with the best manufacturers in the game. At Industrial Bandsaw Services, we partner with Eberle, Kasco, and Simmons, three top manufacturers of blades globally, with each specializing in a different segment of the sawing industry to ensure our clients get the best range of products for every application.


We at Industrial Bandsaw Services are proud to be able to offer our experience and knowledge to help our clients find the best bandsaw blades. For more information on our services and products, visit our website today.