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Finding The Right Woodworking Band Saw Blades

October 26, 2018

Woodworking is a huge industry in Canada, which has led to manufacturers developing top-of-the-line tools and equipment for various woodworking applications. At Industrial Bandsaw Services, we offer high-quality woodworking band saw blades to suit a number of woodworking operations.


Ranging from all purpose applications to specific situations that require a high horsepower, we have the right woodworking band saw blades for you!


We work with Kasco, an industry leader that specializes in the manufacturing of metallic blades of the highest quality, to provide the best woodworking band saw blades for your woodcutting application. Kasco’s line of WoodMaxx blades vary in hook angle and tooth spacing to encompass a range of woodcutting operations.


Hook Angles

  • Maxx10 – The Maxx10 is Kasco’s band saw blade with a hook angle of 10°. This blade is used for all-purpose situations and ideal for cutting mixed hardwoods.
  • Maxx7 – Kasco’s Maxx7 blade is a band saw blade with a 7° hook angle that is best suited for cutting through mixed hardwoods, as well as seasoned and difficult woods.
  • Maxx4 – This blade, which has a hook angle of 4°, is highly ideal for working with a number of different woods, including exotic woods, frozen woods, and extreme hardwoods.
  • SuperMaxx7 – The SuperMaxx7 has a 7° hook angle and is typically used for sawing applications that require a high horsepower.


Tooth Spacing

  • 1/2” – Woodcutting band saw blades that have a tooth space of a 1/2 inch, are typically ideal for re-sawing applications.
  • 3/4” & 7/8” – Band saw teeth that are 3/4” and 7/8” of an inch apart are generally used for all-purpose situations.
  • 1” – Saw teeth that are an inch apart are ideal for high horsepower and high production applications, typically used for cutting the toughest of woods.


So when you’re in need of woodworking band saw blades, we at Industrial Bandsaw Services can help you out. With the Kasco wood blades that we offer, and our expertise regarding all things band saw-related, we can definitely assist in any band saw issue you might have. So, contact us today!