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How a Bandsaw Makes Cuts Effortless

August 28, 2019

Whether cuts are needed for the intricate curves commonly seen in a cabriole leg or as a pre-requisite for the robust joinery achieved from a dovetail joint, the resourcefulness seen of wood bandsaw blades has become a cornerstone within the woodcutting industry.


Bandsawing is invaluable with regards to the wide variety of cuts it allows you to perform.


For today’s piece, we will take a look over some of the cuts commonly seen within the woodworking industry and how bandsawing is utilised by skilled woodworkers to perform these as efficiently as possible:



The method of using wood bandsaw blades to cut boards along their width to produce thinner pieces is what is referred to as resawing. A bandsaw is the only machinery capable of resawing wide stocks of lumber, from which you can produce panels for door matching or for cutting numerous sheets of stock for veneering purposes.


Complex Patterns

Intricate timber cuts are commonplace and possessing the right combination of tools and techniques are paramount for accomplishing this.


Woodworkers demonstrating proficient handling can effortlessly carve out any number of arcs and curves with wood bandsaw blades which – more importantly – is completed in a quick and safe fashion.


Expert woodworkers are able to easily identify how narrow of a bandsaw blade is required when accounting for the thickness of the stock and the precision needed.



The production of items involved in more complex projects can involve joinery – a woodworking specialty involving the precise joining of pieces of timber with one another.


While handsawing or tablesawing are viable options for this, bandsawing produces the same results with a fraction of the time and labour required. Numerous joint types such as bridle, lap, and tenon joints fit within the remit of bandsawing. It is important to note that, should it be required, a bevel work can be performed with a tilting table.


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