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How Buyers Are Sourcing the Best Used Bandsaw Machines

December 02, 2019

It is clear that a company considering buying used bandsaw machines will position themselves to save significant upfront costs as opposed to those purchasing newly-manufactured ones. Nevertheless, it is always wise to remain cognizant of the fact that previous owners of used machines may have used them extensively, resulting in the machine's performance being less adequate compared to their newer counterparts.


It is easy to be enticed by good deal on the surface, but it's possible that your used unit might have insufficient operating power that ends up becoming a weight on your daily routines.


To alleviate these concerns, we’ve amassed, what we believe, to be the three most important factors to increase your odds of securing the best used machines the market has to offer.


Identify Your Company's Needs

The driving force behind your decision on a machine should always trace back to your goals. You may be considering a used bandsaw to improve your company’s operations, this is all well and good, but it important to dissect what this entails.


For instance, if your aim is to reach new heights in terms of productivity and operational capacity, then a new machine, like a Hydmech bandsaw, would be best served to align you with this goal. On the other hand, improving operations for some can be distilled by needing to take alleviate a bottleneck in their production line that exists due to a lack of equipment, in which case procuring a used machine should be a priority.


Overall Mileage

Used bandsaw machines - and most other used machinery - are similar to cars; they have mileage measurements. This is crucial in helping your technicians and operating staff quantify the extent of wear and tear the bandsaw incurred from its previous operations. Identifying below-average mileage on used machines can save your bottom line by waning operating costs, i.e. repairs, internal replacements, and poor unit performance.


Always Work With an Excellent Provider of Used Equipment

One of the biggest hurdles confronting those in the market for used bandsaw machinery originates from their difficulty to source a reliable supplier. Why is this important? Suppliers that have the services in place to accommodate issues that are liable to pertain to your machinery, whether it be initial selection, stocking individual components, inspection and maintenance programs, or training, are what provide the safety net for an investment.


Industrial Bandsaw Services has over 40 years of experience when it comes to supplying and servicing premium machines from manufacturers like Hydmech for your heavy-duty equipment needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about what we can do for you!