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How Preventive Maintenance Can Keep Your Band Saw in Top Shape




Just like any other machine in your shop, your band saw requires maintenance as well. If not well-maintained, particularly the hardworking band saw parts, your machine can totally fail or its functionality will deteriorate compared to when you had first bought it. Preventive band saw maintenance does not only keep your productivity on high, but it can also help reduce cost and stress on your part. Not to mention that it can also help prolong the life of your band saw blade. Most important of all, it allows you to make quality and efficient cuts while protecting the safety of your workers.


To help you understand better, here are some situations that demonstrate why preventive maintenance of your band saw parts and the entire machine is vital.


  • If the band saw blade guides have worn out, it can decrease blade life and may lead to machine breakage. This is why it’s critical to have more blades in stock in case something like this happens to prevent any potential danger.
  • Unlike other major band saw parts that need regular maintenance, there’s one more part that is usually overlooked - chip brushes. Though they are small, they can help maintain the life of your band saw blade.
  • Another important element to consider is the cutting fluid that is applied during the cutting. This can help avoid the blades from getting too hot by cooling the teeth and preventing chips from getting stuck in each space. Thus, it helps avoid damage to the blade and the entire machine.
  • Finally, all the fluids used in your machine must also be well-maintained or internal damage may occur. Specifically, hydraulic and filter oils have to be changed regularly to allow smooth operation of your bandsaw. Allowing them to get very dirty before a replacement can also cause serious damage to your machine.




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