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How to Find the Right Bi-Metal Blade for Your Needs

April 02, 2019

While having many options to choose from is ideal when purchasing bandsaw blades for your specific needs, the amount of information you need to sift through to find the best blade can seem like an overwhelming task. In addition to wood blades and knife-band blades, we offer 14 different types of bi-metal blades in three series. Our bi-metal blades are quite versatile, as they can be used on tubing, round bars, square bards, flat bars, beams and special profiles. They can also be used to cut a wide range of materials, including aluminum, copper, brass, and many types of steel. Here is a breakdown of the bi-metal blades we supply by series.


Duoflex Series

Blades within the Duoflex series are specialized for specific purposes. This series offers a blade that provides robust abrasion resistance and durability (Duoflex M42), a blade for cutting tubing and bundles (Duoflex PT), a blade that provides micro-resistance for interrupted cuts (Duoflex MX55) and a blade for cutting high-alloy materials and austenitic steels (Duoflex SPX). We also offer Duoflex blades with chip distribution by a multi-level tooth set (Duoflex VTX) and triple chip ground toothing for cutting very large planks (Duoflex GTX).


Nanoflex Series

If you require efficiency in cutting large items, the Nanoflex series bandsaw blades are what you need. Our Nanoflex VTX blade can cut larger items efficiently as it features a TiAlN coating that is highly wear-resistant. It also features variable tooth geometry with a positive rake angle and a micro-resistant cutting edge. Our Nanoflex Black blade has steel teeth with a TAlN coating, and is guaranteed to increase your productivity.


CT-Flex Series

The bi-metal bandsaw blades in this series have carbide tips. This series includes a blade with CT4 geometry (CT-Flex 4000) that runs smoothly on low cutting loads and a blade with CT3 carbide teeth geometry and 4% chromium backing material (CT-Flex 3000) for handling titanium and nickel-based alloys. This series also includes blades for cutting stainless and acid-resistant steels (CT-Flex Nano), as well as for cutting high-alloy surfaces and case-hardened materials (CT-Flex CHM). In addition to this, we have blades for cutting through large plates and blocks of aluminum (CT-Flex ALU XL) and for cutting non-ferrous materials at high speed (CT-Flex Pro).


At Industrial Bandsaw, we aim to supply you with high-quality machinery and bandsaw blades to ensure accuracy and consistency in your facility operations. We are the exclusive distributor of Eberle bi-metal bandsaw blades in eastern Canada; Eberle is a reputable manufacturer known for raising quality standards and developing innovative production techniques. Contact us today for assistance in finding the best bandsaw blade for you needs!