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How to Get the Most Out of Your Woodworking Band Saw Blades

July 07, 2021

The use of woodworking band saw blades may seem like a straightforward process, but the experts know that there are steps to take before, during, and after operations to boost efficiency and lifespan.

Here are some good guidelines to follow to ensure the longevity of your woodworking band saw blades.

Before Use:

Before putting your saw into work, make sure to clean the worktable’s surface first as well as the mitre slots and fence. Then, apply lubrication to these components to minimize friction. Inspect your blade and hone the round back of the blade to remove any imperfections to avoid scouring of the thrust bearing.

Make sure to perform flutter testing to ensure that everything is ready for the cutting task. This involves checking the belt tension of the motor, ensuring it’s not coming loose. Remember to also inspect the bandsaw tires, which must be in good condition as well.

During Operations:

After starting the band saw machine, engage the highest cutting speed first. When it comes to de-tensioning, do it at half a turn of the turn screw at a time while paying attention to the blade. Once you see the blade begin to flutter, it’s time to stop the machine. After that, you can start to add tension until the fluttering halts and the blade starts to stabilize. In addition, you can also refer to the band saw manual for more details on how to perform flutter testing. This is a crucial step to make your woodworking band saw blades ready and conditioned for the job.

After Use:

After performing the cutting operation, the blade will become hot and this may result in tension. This is not good for the saw because it also stresses other parts like the belt, motor, and the drive pulleys. This is why you need to always remember to release the blade tension after cutting. Then, follow all your usual after-use maintenance procedures.  

Following these steps will help ensure a smooth cutting operation and the longevity of your band saw blades. For more tips on blade maintenance, check out the Industrial Bandsaw website.