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How to Keep Your Woodworking Band Saw Blades in Top Shape

December 06, 2018

For any woodworker, proper maintenance is vital to the overall performance and lifespan of cutting tools and blades. Using the proper lubricant, coolant, and routine maintenance techniques, your woodworking band saw blades will continue to perform at their best.


Woodworking band saw blades, as well as other industrial pieces of equipment require proper maintenance to ensure a consistently high performance.


Regular cleaning and inspection of any tool is very important to maximizing their lifespan and maintaining their performance. There are a number of actions that you can take to ensure the proper maintenance of your woodworking band saw blades. These actions include:



Lubricating your woodworking band saw blades are an essential part to maintaining them. Lubrication allows your blades to provide cleaner and smoother cuts, allowing you to work faster and easier while producing better cuts.


Lubricants reduce the amount of sound and vibration that the saws produce. This allows for a cleaner cut. They can also help prevent the accumulation and build-up of rust which is undoubtedly vital to maintaining the performance and lifespan of your woodworking band saw blades.


Thorough Inspection

Before using your blades, you should always inspect the entire band saw. By making note of any problems beforehand, you can take the necessary actions in order to provide the best possible cutting job with your woodworking band saw blades.


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