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How to Maintain Your Woodworking Band Saw Blades

July 22, 2019

Wood products are ubiquitous in today’s world, being the backbone of many construction and manufacturing industries. Wood can be an incredibly versatile material, and as such, sawmills with a wide range of capabilities are needed in order to process wood and turn it into workable materials.

The workhorses of a sawmill are undoubtedly woodworking band saw blades. Attached to heavy-duty band saws, these blades go through hundreds of wood pieces a day, shaping them into the specific configurations they need to be in for use in their industries. As a result, these blades go through a fair amount of wear and tear, and therefore, it is important to take steps to maintain the quality of these blades.


Keeping your woodworking band saw blades in tip-top shape


With new blades, there is always a break-in period wherein the blade needs some time to get used to the cutting process first. Simply reducing the speed can help ease your new blade into operations, instead of forcing it to its breaking point.

Every saw mill must have a good supply of lubrication around for their woodworking band saw blades. Not only can this help turn down the volume of the cutting, it helps curb damage to your blade. In addition, you should also sharpen your blades regularly.

Remember: always release your blade’s tension when you are done using the band saw. Keeping it taught can result in cracks to form in your blade, which will not be all too visible at first, until they result in irreversible damage.


What are the best woodworking band saw blades?


Kasco is one of North America’s leading band saw blade manufacturers. Their line of WoodMaxx premium band saw blades have advanced capabilities in producing ultra precision cuts thanks to the grounded teeth of the blades. Kasco also ensures their blades have extremely tight tolerances and state-of-the-art tooth hardening to help prolong operational life.

Industrial Bandsaw Services is proud to supply Kasco woodworking band saw blades to our customers, who deserve only the best in the industry.