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How to Properly Inspect Band Saw Parts

November 18, 2021

Throughout the lifespan of your band saw, you may need to replace certain band saw parts or have them checked. Proper inspections are vital to the continued durability of your band saws and as such you will need to know how to properly install band saw parts.


Here is how to properly check your band saw parts:

Observe Safety at All Times

To ensure safety, there are some general rules that need to be followed when checking band saw parts. For instance, when attaching a blade guard to the blade guard mounting bracket, the guard should be positioned so that it will not interfere with blade operation or make contact with the blade or any part of the machine frame. The guard should be securely attached to the blade guard mounting bracket so that it is not loose or likely to fall off. Make sure to wear leather gloves and eye protection as well.

Proper Blade Installation

Install the blade with the teeth pointing down and away from you. After attaching the blade to the guide, tilt the blade towards the front of the machine. Push it until it can no longer move, and then tighten the thumbscrew.

Adjust Blade Tensions Correctly

A band saw blade’s tension is adjusted by tightening the tension lever on the back of the machine. Make sure to use a screwdriver with a blade long enough to fit snugly in the screw head. Ideal blade tension will depend on the specific machine you are using and the material it is cutting. Blade tension also depends on the blade that you are using and how it is designed. Check your manufacturer's instructions for the best tension adjustments.

Apply Proper Lubrication

Lubrication helps the blade to cut more easily and cleanly. It also helps to remove moisture from the blade, which prevents rusting. The proper lubrication amount is dependent on the material of the blade and the type of cutting. If you are cutting hardwoods, you will need a heavier oil to help cut through the material. If you are cutting softwoods, you will need a lighter oil. In both cases, it is best to apply lubrication to the blade before you start cutting.

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