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Hyd Mech Band Saw: Making A Big Difference in Your Production

August 14, 2018

If your production relies heavily on metal band saw technology, then a Hyd Mech band saw is what you need. The brand continues to be a worldwide leader in providing profitable sawing solutions with unparalleled performance and reliability.


The Hyd Mech band saw is recognized in industry as an innovative piece of machinery.


Second to none, it has pioneered great innovations and products within the sawing industry, while delivering the widest range of sawing machines. From portable band saws to vertical and horizontal band saws, Hyd Mech will always meet any kind of challenge you may face with a solution that makes a big difference to your production.

Every Hyd Mech band saw is backed by a world-class highly-skilled team of technicians and distributors, particularly us here at Industrial Bandsaw Services. We offer the following series:

             Double Miter Series: band saws falling under this series are some of the smallest that Hyd Mech provides. While they have a small, compact design, they offer the same big performances as the larger machines. Double miter saws include the DM-10, DM-12, and DM1318. 


             Vertical Series: another Hyd Mech band saw is the V-series saw, a heavy-duty, high performance vertical tilt frame saw which is flexible enough to cut two-way miters. These machines have cutting capabilities of up to 30 inches and the bar feeds from 40-120 inches. They also come in automatic and semi-automatic operations.


             Horizontal Series: these are horizontal, guillotine saws designed for delivering big straight cuts in high production environments. They can provide cuts of up to 80 inches quickly.


●             Horizontal Pivot Series: these are the scissor-style band saw for medium duty applications with mitering capability of up to 60º. They make for versatile machines in fabrication shops, oil refineries, and automotive shops. They also come in fully-automatic models, semi-automatic and manual operations.


While different band saws under each series are made for certain applications, they are all designed to use off-the-shelf-parts so that you get a quick repairs whenever necessary.