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Hyd Mech: The World Leader in Sawing Technology

June 05, 2020

One of the worldwide leaders in providing metal sawing solutions for more than four decades is Hyd Mech in Ontario. The brand offers a wide selection of saws, from horizontal and vertical band saws to double miter, horizontal pivot and various other band saw models for heavy-duty applications. Hyd Mech in Ontario continues to lead in band saw technology through innovative products that revolutionize the sawing industry with unrivaled reliability and quality. Every band saw under each series is carefully designed to operate optimally and render precise cuts. Industrial Bandsaw Services understands the importance of high-quality equipment and carries a variety of Hyd Mech saws for our customers’ individual needs.


Here are some of the Hyd Mech band saws we carry:


Hyd Mech DM-12 Double Miter Band Saw


This versatile double miter band saw has a compact design that saves on set-up time and is perfect for small workspaces. It is equipped with a rotating table with a single cut line to ensure precision, and a cast iron head and vises that absorb vibrations to ensure accuracy while providing exceptional cutting proficiency. It is sure to provide maximum productivity in the workplace.


Hyd Mech S-23A Automatic Scissor Style Band Saw


This is an automatic scissor style band saw that is equipped with an automatic mode control with an LED readout for blade tension, blade speed, blade height position, run time of the cut, blade drive motor amperage draw, part length, quantity required, piece count, job run time, and total blade run time. It is perfect for medium-duty applications 


Hyd Mech V-20 Semi-Automatic Vertical Band Saw 


If you are in need of a saw that has a double miter angle operation, then this is the machine for you. This semi-automatic vertical band saw can miter up to 60° left and right. It also has a 4°  forward approach angle for increased efficiency during the cutting process. It is a reliable and powerful machine you can depend on for all your vertical cutting applications. 


Aside from providing the best band saw technology from Hyd Mech in Ontario, we also have our own highly trained specialists with a combined wealth of knowledge and experience to help you with all your Hyd Mech equipment needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.