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Hydmech saws are world-renowned for being the leading-edge in innovation and quality.

Hydmech Saws: Setting the Standard for the Industry




Bandsaws are used in all kinds of industrial manufacturing and processing plants. A reliable bandsaw is the backbone of any facility, and its consistency and durability will determine the flow of production and efficiency levels. As such, it is pivotal to only work with the best manufacturers and distributors. Hydmech saws, for instance, are world-renowned for being the leading-edge in innovation and quality.


Here is a brief overview of what you can expect with Hydmech saws:


World-Renowned Brand

Hydmech has been in the industry for decades, constantly working with the changes in the technological landscape to accommodate ever-evolving client demands. Because of their constant innovation, they are able to deliver the widest range of sawing machines in the industry. Their portable band saws are just as popular as their horizontal or vertical miter band saws. From light or medium-duty applications to heavy duty applications, Hydmech saws are able to meet the challenge. This is why Industrial Bandsaw Services, Canada’s premier provider of band saw products and solutions, partners up with Hydmech to provide the best bandsaws to businesses all over Canada.



At Industrial Bandsaw Services, we carry four main series from Hydmech’s line of bandsaws:


  • Double miter series: this is Hydmech’s more compact offering, perfect for applications that require portability. They are double miter saws, offering strong performance and consistent cuts.
  • Horizontal pivot band saw series: these are scissor-style miter-cutting bandsaws, known for their versatility and suitability for medium-duty applications. They can be found in fabrication shops, manufacturing plants, and automotive shops.
  • Horizontal series: the products in this series are best for achieving long, straight cuts in high-production environments. If consistency and efficiency is the name of the game, this is the machine for you.
  • Vertical series: these heavy-duty machines boast exceptional high performance. Their vertical tilt frame makes them incredibly flexible, allowing them to cut two-way miters with bar feeds from 40 to 120 inches.


For more information on Hydmech saws, call us at Industrial Bandsaw Services today.


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The industry leader in band saw technology for 40 years, Hyd Mech strives for excellence in quality band saw machines.


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