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Identifying the Main Band Saw Parts and their Uses

September 15, 2020

If you have been contemplating on which is the best band saw to use for your cutting needs, knowing and identifying the parts that make up a band saw can help guide your selection. On this note, here the main band saw parts and their functions:



This is perhaps the most essential of all band saw parts. A band saw blade comes in various types and there are many factors to consider when choosing this, such as tooth configuration, material, and more. Industrial Bandsaw has many options to choose from, including the Duoflex GTX. This blade can cut large blanks, has an extremely long blade life and provides a clean cutting service. It’s best to talk to a supplier first to know more and discuss everything about the band saw blades in detail before ordering one for your cutting demand.


This is another part of the band saw that needs careful consideration. Before you make the purchase, you should know what you will be using the band saw for, which will help you determine the amount of motor power you will need. Whether it is DIY projects or heavy-duty cutting applications, talk to an expert to ensure you get the best one.


Though the table is the most simple and basic of all band saw parts, there is still a lot you need to consider. There are different parameters that will affect the size of material the band saw can cut.


Frame and Base

Every band saw machine comes with a frame that holds all the other parts together. Typically, the band saw frame is available in two major types - plastic frame and steel frame. However, it is recommended that a steel frame is used as it is much more durable and can withstand heavy-duty cutting. Industrial Bandsaw has machinery that comes with a robust steel base to ensure durability and safety.


Industrial Bandsaw has a variety of Hyd Mech band saws that will improve your daily operations and overall productivity for the better. With the double miter series, horizontal pivot band saw series, horizontal and vertical series, we have something for everyone. Give us a call to learn more.