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Industries that Made the Simmons Knife Band Their First Choice

January 26, 2022

Getting the right knife blade for your existing or future cutting applications can be quite challenging if you don’t know much about manufacturers or how different knife types function. However, it won’t do to take a trial and error approach to selecting the right blade. The good news is that Simmons knife bands can serve a wide variety of industries.


Simmons knife bands can be used to cut many different kinds of materials.


Here are all the materials Simmons knife bands can work with:


Foam - Simmons knife bands are hugely popular for cutting foam. Special kinds of blades have to be used for cutting brittle materials such as foam. Simmons manufactures different knife types with different specifications to cut different foam sheets of various thicknesses and sizes.


Leather - Tanneries need to use special blades for splitting leather. Blades that are too rough and abrasive can severely damage the expensive material and as such a delicate but precise touch is needed. Simmons provides multiple temper options for their leather splitting blades.


Meat - Knife bands are the preferred choice for butchering. Industrial meat processing facilities require top-notch products that are easy to clean and are highly reliable. Simmons knife bands are perfect for cutting or slicing deli meats or fish, and they can work well with meats both with and without bones. They can even cut large pieces of raw bone.


Other foodstuffs - Simmons knife bands are also great for cutting up fresh produce such as lettuce or leafy vegetables. They can also be used to cut bread, greatly increasing the efficiency of food processing and manufacturing facilities.


Packaging - Businesses that handle the large-scale packaging of their foods, usually foodstuffs, require the use of reliable knife bands. Typically, machinery such as horizontal or vertical form and fill machinery is used to perform the packaging of a wide range of products from chips to pharmaceuticals. Simmons knife bands can work with all kinds of machinery from manufacturers such as Hayssen, Cryovac and Matrix, just to name a few.


These businesses benefit from the high cutting capabilities of Simmons knife bands and blades. If you have special cutting requirements, get in touch with the experts at Industrial Bandsaw Services to find the best blades for your needs.