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Kasco Wood Blades and Your Woodworking Needs

October 18, 2018

When looking to purchase a top-quality industrial band saw, also consider using the best available band saw blades on the market. To ensure your band saw performs at its best, make sure you choose Kasco wood blades. A band saw cuts wood at a high speed and precision if the proper wood blades are being used. Kasco blades are characterized by their tooth configuration, length, thickness, and width.


When purchasing new blades for your woodworking needs, make sure they are Kasco wood blades!


In order to ensure you’re choosing the correct wood blades for your band saw, check out our three professional tips:


Correct Size Is Essential

The length of your blade depends on the band saw machine you are using. Additionally, the size of the band saw blade you choose will contribute to the performance of the machine. Determine the correct length of your blade by positioning the wheels and pulleys correctly.


Once this is complete, from the center on the drive wheels, measure the distance in between these wheels. From there, determine the lower and upper radius of the wheels. If this technique does not work, the manual of the band saw and the markings on it can also help determine the correct blade length.


Teeth Per Inch (TPI)

The TPI of the blade plays a major role in the performance of the band saw. The space between the teeth makes it convenient to remove any debris that gets caught in the blade. However, teeth that are closely spaced produce a much smoother cut, which may be ideal for your woodworking. The material you are cutting and the kind of cut needed will determine the tooth count of your blade.


Proper Lubrication

There are products available that are designed to lubricate all band saw blades. Lubrication can also protect the band saw and aid in increasing the life of the machine. Make sure the lubricant that you use does not stain the wood and other materials you are cutting.


A band saw is complex piece of machinery that is prone to wear and tear. This wear and tear affects its blades which, in turn, has an effect on its performance. Regular adjustments, maintenance, and using the correct products can extend the life of your equipment. Luckily for you, we at Industrial Bandsaw Services can help you find the product best suited for your job. So, contact us today!