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Key Bandsaw Parts and Accessories to Keep in Stock

January 27, 2021

Industrial Bandsaw Services is a leading provider of bandsaw parts and accessories of all kinds. We specialize in bandsaw blades, supplying quality products from renowned manufacturers such as Eberle, Simmons, and Kasco. On top of that, we also supply accessories, specifically coolants and lubricants, also from our longtime partner, Eberle.


Here is a breakdown of the blade products we supply:


At Industrial Bandsaw Services, we have options for bi-metal blades, knife-bands, as well as wood blades.



Eberle is our primary supplier of bi-metal blade products. Options include their full range of the Duoflex series, Nanoflex series, and CT-Flex series. The benefits of bi-metal blades lie in their high speed steel tooth tips combined with flexible alloy steel backing material, which makes them incredibly effective for metal sawing applications.



We source our knife-bands from Simmons. These types of blades are more suited for foam, food, plastic, and leather cutting applications. Different styles of knife-bands are available, such as Scallop, Wavy, Wire, Narrow, and Wide.



Kasco’s Woodmaxx bandsaw blades are ideal for thin kerf saw mills and horizontal and vertical re-saws, perfect for use in lumber mills and other industrial wood-cutting applications. The blades feature high-precision ground teeth and tight tolerances.


As you can see, blades are an integral bandsaw part, and we at Industrial Bandsaw Services are committed to providing only the best products and services to keep your bandsaw parts functioning optimally.


Here is a breakdown of the coolants and lubricants we supply:


Our coolant and lubricant products are sourced from Eberle, a manufacturer with decades of experience in innovating for the bandsaw industry. Aside from supplying maintenance kits such as the Sump Doctor RX, which is a machine and sump cleaner kit for metalworking fluid systems, we also have a host of coolants and lubricants including the following:


  • Semitech GS
  • Semitech 650
  • Clean Lube V4000
  • Clean Lube V2000
  • Clean Lube 3000
  • Anti-Weld Splatter


These products give you a full range of options for any potential application, allowing you to choose the correct product for your needs.


For more information on our bandsaw parts, give us a call today!